#45 Anthony “Munny” Munkara

I remember way back when you were talking about this kid in SA. Great news and promising talent


And Walla


I’m getting Walla vibes when he first started with Munkara if you catch my dift.

I remember people were saying that Walla would never make it dosen’t have the tank etc

We now have 6 indigenous players on our senior men’s list.

I like that. It’s the most we’ve had for some time.


I have to admit I’m not catching your drift.

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Next Generation Academy picks who go undrafted can be listed as a Cat B rookie. If we had another Tiwi kid who was undrafted we could do the same.

Was embrassing rocking up to Dreamtime with no indegnious talent.

Essendon were the comp leaders in devloping and harnesing indginous talent years ago super happy that the club has fixed this


I’m more excited about Munkara than any of other draftees

We have been so blessed with Walla, a joy to watch, and clubs go for years without finding again or never find such and we may just have got someone who will slot in seamlessly in post Walla years

Also the fact he was a first round talent at start of year and we’ve got him for nothing is awesome.

So long as we can nurture him to get the best out of him going to be good times for Dons fans.


I’m getting along to some VFL games next year !


Absolutely stoked with this.
I’m sure he couldn’t be happier either, such a great result

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So very excited that we got this kid! To snap him up as a Cat B rookie is even sweeter.

Can’t bluddy wait to watch him play. Go well lad!


I was shatterd about Andy Lovett,then Walla came now we have Munkara next in line once Walla finishes up

Those highlights against the pies VFL are ridiculous especially considering he was only 17-18 against men

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And I drafted only means National Draft? Okay, that clears it up. Ta.

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Been waiting a very long time for this, I feel like the club has found its soul again.


Sign me up to the bandwagon now!!!

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Hi @Reboot!


To be fair, months back he just come off dominating a game against the pies vfl team for the AFL academy and was looking like a top 25 pick


Looking at that video, they way he moves gives me serious Chris Lewis vibes. If he can be half as good as him, we have picked up an absolute steal.


I didn’t know that an academy listed player can automaticly go on the cat b rookie list if they go undrafted.

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