#47 James Kelly - #BackIn


I’d prefer nobody rated us thanks.


Geez he’s dropped off now. No point him playing on next season. I’d like to see Dea given games in his spot going forward as well.


Wow! Great half. Benjamin Button.


Give him a 5 year contract


His hands are so strong in the contest, makes us better with his composure. If he wants to go around again he has more than earned it.


LOL Geelong, its all that needs to be said


And James Kelly is open to joining veteran Brendon Goddard in playing on, with the former St Kilda star next week officially hitting a trigger clause for 2018.


We givin’ Jimmy Kell ALL the youth druggzzez …


BOG for mine


F*cking gun. Ultimate Upgrade on Hibberd.






Had his two best games for the club since I said this :grin:.

I’ll take the credit.


Was fantastic again.
13 marks tonight, the most in his career.
Just always spins out of a tackle and rarely caught. If his body and mind are still good I’d definitely give him another year


The thing about Kelly is he doesn’t just try and win the contested ball he wills himself to win it
Smart Pure footballer.


He just keeps winning contests he has no right to win.


Always thought he was an amazing player when he was at Geelong and he seems to have reinvented himself playing off half back in the latter stages of his career.

Is absolute silk.

Give him another year please.


Sign this ■■■■’n legend now


Rips ball off player.
gets tackled by another player.
slingshot his way forward.

idk how he does this so consistently.


Consistently looks like he’s an old man playing against kids, in that he’s 25 and they’re all 12/13, but 10 years later, it’s confusing but it makes sense, what a beast.