#49 Matt Dea


He’s not


I reckon it’s time to give him a crack next week. Probably at the expense of Gleeson.


Kelly was interviewed last night … said he and Woosher aren’t planning for him to play every game, but to have regular rest weeks. I also think they will rest McGrath every 3/4 games to get him through the full season.

So even outside of injury there should be opportunities for Dea, McKenna, Jerret and even McNiece to have a crack.


When was the last time Dea actually played a game though? Not sure I’d bring him in against Carlton after sitting in the stands two weeks in a row.


Thought he played vs Box Hill last week as Stewart was the emergency.


Yes, he played against box Hill and was one of our best on the day


I always thought he would be depth. I think Gleeson has been fine and deserving of his spot.
As others have said Dea will get his chance. Fantastic if he has to really earn it as it will likely mean we are going well.
Given we finished last last year you want some of those regulars battling to get into the team this year.


It’s almost as if we had 10 senior ready players join our list that meant there was more competition for a spot in the best 22!


Yeah, I just have no idea how guys like Gleeson & McGrath will get games if we have 10 returning players trying to squeeze into that backline of ours!


He’s been emergency every week. Clearly he’s only just getting squeezed out.


I think he will be starting 22 by years end. It will help his cause if Brown can play are more offensive role and be a productive intercept player as the coaches obviosly see this as Gleeson’s strength who I believe Dea is in competition with.


Dea is very adequate depth player that can help with managing players like Mcgrath, replace injuries or to play taller opponents

Dea can replace Bags or Gleeson if their form drops away

Depending on oppositions height like Adelaide next week Dea could be handy addition to play on Lynch or Mcgovern.


Dea is best 22.


As this exception to the rule proves.


Best 25, maybe. At the moment.


Not tall enough for key position

Not quick enough for HBF, small defender.

But can do the job for either as required as a depth option

If he was best 22 would be in team


Would Dea get a game for Richmond?


was ■■■■■■ good last year.


Yup, was very good today.


Morris still gets fcking games for them, so yes.