#49 Matt Dea


Sacrificed by the coaches playing on Watts who is bigger and stronger.


Was v good last night. Read the play well and was clean and quick under pressure - pivotal in starting counterattacks. Stays in.


Yep. Tough, hard at it, keeps his feet, or gets back to them instantly & goes again.


BSD spot on. He is an upgrade on Gleeson clearly, i was still shocked as to how he didnt get a start round 1, but surely last night cemented him in.
Hope he takes some confidence out of the game and can keep backing it up. Needs harts to do the same.

Solid game last night.


Welcome back, really like him as a player.


On his way back to Dea Lux …


The Moonee Ponds nightclub of choice for David Myers and Corey Del Olio


Was excellent and ran at 88% DE


Getting back to what got him the list spot.

Clearly he didn’t know how to take it when the returning players came back. Now he has the confidence that he belongs and is owning his spot.


This. Agree whole heartedly.
He was very good last year and appears to have found his feet again.


Absolutely stays in; solid as a rock


That was his best game for us.


Got the match ups right, and Im having a fairly large slice of humble pie after giving a fair bit after the past 2 weeks.

How ■■■■ are Chris Scott & Geelong though, we’re effectively running a 6’1" flanker as a key tall and (even with Stanley forward a fair bit and 2-3 other 190cm ish guys going through there) that they had absolutely no impact from their other forwards


Probably second to Fark Round 23 last yr


Provided the ground level intercepting and intercept marking that Marty should have been delivering. His disposal seems to have improved so he was fairly seamless in defence last night.


I’d probably have our ideal back 6 at the moment as

Baguly Hartley Ambrose

Dea Hurley McGrath

With Kelly spending time between mid and there as well as McGrath. Hooker goes back to support late in the quarter or when the opposition set up a strong, sustained press. Don’t need him forward so much when we get out the back and our runners go back up to our forward 50.

Dea seems to be recapturing his form from last year which probably provides more than what Gleeson and McKenna are at the moment.


I thought he was very poor last week, very good last night.


Was rapt to see him back to 2016 form last night. Very solid. Might be one of those players who plays better in the 1’s than in the 2’s. Like much of the list he is beginning to build nicely as we gel as a team.


Saw Spike McVeigh there plenty of times breaking curfew too.


He’s best 22, plays small, talls and takes intercept marks