#49 Matt Dea


Hardly getting the same role.


Was very good, took some great intercept marks and was Tough as nails in the contests. Hope he can continue this form.


Struggled in week one but understandable being matched up on Watts, was poor last week on Kersten,though Kersten has been in decent form, and very good against Geelong…


Player gets two games into them suddenly produces football we know they’re capable of

Who’d have thought it.


Was good against the Cats.

I back him to continue that form for the remainder of the season.


My tigers mate hates Houli. Calls him a turnover merchant!


Solid contested mark, tough as nails.

Love me some Dea (no homo)


Looks good when not asked to stand a tall. The Gleeson role suits him as peos said. He has more impact in the air


Imagine how good the team would be if the midfield won the inside 50 count. Hurley back in form, Dea playing well and Ambrose to come back and suddenly our backline looks sound.


Hibbo replacement. Just lacks his pace & penetration on kicks. But equally as competitive, courageous and good at intercepting.




Yep. Backline of Hurls Ambo Dea, Bags Macka, and Kelly or a rotating mid is not bad at all.


He isn’t half the player of Hibbo.


That’s it. Hooksey to go back as required if the opposition talls are getting away or we are getting killed in the middle in red time. Still have Joe and Stew as tall targets forward. Raz is a genuine marking target as well as everything else up there too.


A bit short perhaps? I think you need to make room for one of Hartley or Brown otherwise Dea gets exposed to a tall.


Another solid game.



Had difficult match ups in the four games

  • Watts was a bad match up and forgive for that game
  • Was disappointing against kersten
  • Very good against geelong
  • Shaded by Darling who kicked 2-5

Overall has been a bit disappointing and think Brown is mre suited to this role.


He’s undersized for all those guys. But battled manfully. What we lose in his one on one match up we get back with intercept marking. Had Darling kicked straight they’d have moved Hurley on to him and he’d have chopped him up.


Yeah and if my great Aunty had kicked straight in 81 she would have made it home for supper on time. The fact is he didn’t kick straight, WCE didn’t kick 16.8 instead of 8.16, and Dea did his job. The fact is if you kick it out to him on a lead, or Kennedy or any decent forward they’re going to mark it, if you kick it to their advantage. That’s fact, unless of course you try and play a few m’s in front of them but risk getting caught out over the top. It’s up to the midfield to make sure they can’t get those easy kicks because these forwards are going to mark 9.9/10 no matter who they’re playing on, end of the day they’re basic marks on the lead which they mark every day. The key is those one on ones or contested situations and Dea did more than enough and even kicked a goal himself, and looks comfortable mopping up.