#49 Matt Dea


It’s why I’d like to get a look at

Bags, Ambrose Hurley,
dea, Hartley, McGrath

Int: Conor, Kelly


So I’ve seen a lot of calls to drop Dea, that he had a bad game in the reviews and changes threads. In the reviews thread a number of people praised Gleeson. Why the difference on views of both players?

Dea had one less disposal than Gleeson, 5 marks to Gleeson’s 8, but 2 more tackles and better DE%. Lynch had 17 disposals, 8 mark and kicked 1.1. McGovern had 10 disposals, 5 marks and kicked 3.1. They both got beaten on a tough night by more traditional tall forwards. They had about the same impact the other way.

So why does one get seen to have had a good game and the other should be dropped?


It’s typical of blitz Ants. Judging a player on one game is stupid. The pace of the game between VFL and AFL is so great its rare a player will come in and kill it.

Dea will become more important as time goes and Kelly, Bags more on. He is a good player and was in form when he was dropped earlier in the year. He’s a strong body and when he is able to can provide drive and movement forward.


Woosha only brings him in to play on tallish marking forwards (Watts and McGovern) and to nobody’s surprise he gets towelled up.


That Pelican from Freo


Kersten or Tabener? I forget which one Myers had and which one Dea had.


Me too, Pelican was the catch all


I think he’s cooked if he gets dropped this week, he has barely played all year and to then get dropped again at this stage of the year would suggest the coaches aren’t going with him.

Unfortunately for him, most of the guys likely retiring/delisted are mids or half forwards so we won’t have a dearth of defenders next year.

Can only see him falling further down the pecking order if guys like Francis and Ridley start pushing up, Brown is fit etc.


thats a good name for a catch all.


He’s contracted for next year. Kelly may retire, Bags is probably only a season or two away, and McGrath probably goes into the midfield. So there are openings. Of course, Ridley, Redman and (maybe) Morgan and McNeice offer competition.


Ah wasn’t aware he was contracted for next year, disregard above then.

Surprised we offered 2 years.


We’re going to delist 6 senior list players without trying and possibly 8 or so. Having Dea on the list is not a pressing issue.


I’d be surprised if he didn’t play a fair bit if footy next year with McGrath looking to push into the midfield and Kelly retiring. I think he is a really solid player.


I like Dea, thought he had some really great games last year and was very surprised to see him get so little games this year, he’s a good age, can provide reliable offence/defence when called and and a good solid build on him. How people forget us laughing at Richmond for us getting a bargain and then a few games of not playing and now we want him delisted. I think he’ll get a lot of games next year, especially with Kelly gone and be a good felixible player for us. Then again I didn’t think Howlett would keep getting games so who the fck knows.


We are going backwards or have a truckload of injuries if Dea gets many injuries next year - We should be looking for Francis and Ridley to play his role.


Richmond may have won the flag, but LOL at them for passing up on Matty. Their flag will forever be tainted.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: wut?


Don’t question the man, he’s slagging off Richmond.


I still like him. Bring him in


Maybe a new thread title is in order…

Hard to LOL @ Richmond when they win the premiership and the player we are LOL at them about isn’t even best 22.