#49 Matt Dea


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Srsly??


He wasn’t a top up.
They’d only be counting the 2016 top ups.
Not the 2015 ones who were only with us for a few weeks


Thank you Mr Dea and wish you all the best for the future. You busted your backside during the dark times and for that I will always be grateful.


Like others I thought he had a solid year. There were times when others here criticised him for weaknesses that were displayed across the board by the team.
But yeah, he put the hard yards in for the club and always played like he was fighting to retain his spot.

Good luck and many thanks, Matt!!!


Peos loves the big Dea


Not wanting to derail the thread but I reckon Ambrose is pretty overrated around these parts.

Would still have him ahead of Dea when fit but geez, he’s played just the 17 games in 2 years and the Bradley Hill tackle (as glorious as it was) ain’t exactly a recent highlight.

Hopefully Ambrose gets back to his best soon but I agree that Dea would’ve essentially been backup for our backup.


Dea is a better player than Ambrose for mine, quite easily


The Suns could do a lot worse than pick up DEA as a DFA.


Have to agree.

There is serious Ambrose love and I never understand why.

He is a liability by foot, he isn’t a strong mark, he isn’t quick and is often caught out of position. He does however have the best tank at the club and can play on taller opponents (I personally think that this occurs via default as he is incapable of defending smaller players due to his snail like pace and often seems to get towelled up regardless but each to their own).

Dea IMO, has a neat left foot, a great pair of hands and is caught out of position far less often.

The thing that both have in common is that they are both brave to a fault.

Then again, I’ve always been a sceptic of Ambrose and an admirer of Matty’s so you could say I’m biased.


Especially when the big Dea is stiff.


Dea is unlucky yes but our list will be better for this decision. The time is now to play the likes of Francis, Redman, Ridley, etc. He was solid but I’d rather the elite stopping ability of Ambrose on those medium to tall forwards.


I think he’s a bit stiff. Not by any means a standout but a reliable mark and kick and kept close to his man. To be honest I would have kept him ahead of both McNiece and Jake Long.

Hopefully some other club will pick him up. He’s not young but he’s not over the hill either.


If Dea could have been put on the Cat B rookie list like McNiece then you can guarantee he’d still be on the list. Unfortunately for him he’s not kinda not-quite Indian


Everyone here at BB loves Aaron Francis — and he may well be as good as claimed — but he’s only managed 10 games in three years and yet you’re all treating him like the New Messiah. Remember what happened to the last New Messiah.

Bottom line we know what Dea can do — we should have kept him, just in case…


The police.


I’m a bit upset and sad at this decision.

When comparing to McNiece, remember McNiece has been moved to the Cat B list (was Cat A list in 2018). McNiece can only be played if there is an LTI. In my mind, that’s saying if it wasn’t for the loophole allowing us put him on the Cat B list, he’d have been delisted. Break glass in an emergency situation.

So I would note that means McNiece isn’t depth, unless/until we have an LTI.

Effectively we now have Ambrose, Ridley, Gleeson, Francis as contenders for the medium defender positions. Assuming none of those aren’t playing the Goddard role. Redman as our only main list/Cat A small defender depth. I think given Ambrose’s injury concerns, and Redman and Ridley’s not yet proven themselves, there was a space for Dea on the list.

Obviously, draftees could change some of this (e.g. Neagle).


Ambrose was already contracted for next year. He signed a two year contract extension last year.

You’d panic over Ambrose as back-up as he’s had a terrible recent injury record. He’s played 21 games at either AFL or VFL level in 2017 and 2018. So he’s available less than 50% of the time. And that would be ignoring how long it takes him to get back to speed, which would vary with the injury type.

Given Ambrose’s injury history, I do find the idea of him as depth a bit concerning. I think we should have kept Dea.


In 2018 we played with seven defenders, which usually included 2 talls, 2-3 smalls and 2-3 mediums. If you ignore the talls category as locked with Hooker/Hurley and Hartley/Ambrose as depth, and say that McKenna/Saad are locked for the two small roles, you effectively have:

  • 3 spots
  • Filled from Francis, Ambrose, Ridley, Redman, Gleeson
  • Ambrose has missed over half the games the last two years. Ignore him and we have one depth player

So our depth is one spare, or two if Ambrose happens to be available. If we have an LTI we can promote McNiece off the Cat B list.

I think there’s space for another defender, but I suppose that may come from the draft. Bit unlucky for Dea though.


You also have McGrath, Guelfi, Baguley and Zerk Thatcher that can be used in defence. Of any role on the field, medium size defenders is the one we could most afford to cut back in.


Zerk Thatcher isn’t relevant to this discussion. He’s a tall