#49 Matt Dea


Uh huh.


Francis was in our best few players in the final rounds. He’s arrived.

For all the reliable consistency of Dea he’s not a star player nor will ever be. He’s not quick or provides run, and is not damaging by foot.

And also would have had other young players who are ready to impact prioritized ahead of him to play. And add Gleeson being back and Ambrose to that also.

List management obviously felt not required to be kept around if he is many spots back in queue.

Loved what Dea brought to the club whilst we had him. This is just what happens as lists get stronger however & talented youth push up.


Zerk is a tall back. Bags is best 22 forward. Guelfi, maybe. McGrath we want to play outside in the midfield, and given Long is the depth in that position there isn’t a great argument to move him.


Yep, if the Nobby was only counted over the last 4 rounds, then he would’ve won it.

It’s a stupid assessment, but still a hell of an effort from an inexperienced kid.



Thought I was ready to post something… not yet… will try again tomorrow :cry:


I don’t think it’s a big issue. Modern players are super flexible these days. We have McGrath who can slot into the Goddard midfielder/7th defender role.

I only see 3 of those players you mentioned playing at one time on a given week. Francis, Gleeson and Redman. That leaves Ridley, Ambrose plus other senior players who can play a role. And I’m pretty sure if we we lost 3-4+ backline players to injury then there’s a good chance McNeice would be available.

I know you were spewin about Dea, but trust me…we’ve got good backline depth. It’s small forwards/ HF wingers and a ruckman that we need.


Saying we can play McGrath there is just saying we’ll weaken the midfield to cover defence. It’s silly, especially when we don’t have spare midfield depth (outside Long) that can play a role McGrath does. And he’s best 22.

I said only 3 of those players would play. Which leaves depth of 1 + Ambrose, who has played (VFL+AFL) less than 50% of games across the last two years. Add in that two of those have played less than 10 games combined, and that Gleeson missed the entire year injured, and I have no idea when we believe we’ll be challenging we haven’t kept the mature, experienced Dea who is probably better than all of them (except maybe Ambrose) at actually locking a forward down. It just blows my mind.


I’ve never seen Francis as an alternative to Ambrose, by the way. Ambrose is a medium-sized defender who plays on bigger opponents when needed to; Francis is bigger. Francis is breathing down Hurley’s neck…


So Pears is a fireman and Dea’s a policeman…


I see this as high expectations for Ridley and Redman. We’ve made the conscious decision to get games into the young guys at the expense of the decent, but limited Dea. If Dea was playing ahead of those two, their development would be stuffed.


OK so… actually… the thing is… ■■■■… still can’t do it!


I bet you wouldn’t get this emotional about delisting reboot


And everyone would be complaining about it.

Thought we should have kept Dea over McNiece though. We’re replete with both types of defender, but the Dea type (old fashioned) more valuable for mine. Dea has proven his worth. McNiece, as a mature ager, not so much. Good skill, no consistency. Same age, give or take.

Anyway, thanks Matty. You helped us, we helped you. The balance will always be askew.


Redman and Ridley will get their chance if but if they are injured, McNeice is still available.
Then we could rejig the side and put McGrath or Heppell back.
Or Try Jake Wanganeen/Long in defence.


Add Francis and Gleeson to that



And we’ve got an Ambo in the back line


And we’ve got an Indian with McNiece


And I think Zaharakis is Greek for “construction worker”.


Stringer is a bit of a cowboy.