#49 Matt Dea


OK so … this guy wins most courageous two years in a row … gives everything he has, every game …

No still can’t finish it


10/10 for effort though!


still in your camp. I just wish they would rookie him. if not i hope he finds a home somewhere else. hes an asset to any club. heart and soul player.


So was Henry Slattery.


was never a fan of Slattery


That’s a pretty good comparison I reckon


Dea has more tools than Henry, but same mindset.
They’d both jump in front of a bus to stop their man getting a cheapie.

Still reckon Henry was mis managed. Much better as a tagger in midfield than back pocket.




I promised myself I wouldn’t bite on the Slatts bagging.

■■■■ you ■■■■■.


Snowtown 'em!


Not as easy as it used to be, due to a couple of loose tongues.


Bet that was a barrel of laughs.


I reckon you could take that to the bank


He was way too slow for that.

Back pocket was his spot, he was just born in the wrong era imo.

In the 80’s or 90’s, he’d have been a classic tough back pocket.


Puns from the vault night is it?


Slattery was a selfish player - Would never roll of his opponent and help his team-mates - Imagine him today with the emphasis on team defence.


He was old fashioned, not selfish


Given his B&F votes over the years pretty consistently outstripped anyone else’s opinion of his performances, this is pretty tenuous.


Feeling hopeful :pray: