#49 Matt Dea


With what space?

Only have two rookie spots and appears as though would be a ruck in Clarke and Neagle as F/S (although not committed to)


I like Dea but time to let it go. Use the rookie list on a high risk / high reward proposition or at least to cover a real need (eg, Clarke).


The club hasn’t said a single word on neagle have they. Are we even remotely keen?


My impression is that we’ve nominated him as a father-son rookie…no claims in the ND, but if no-one else takes him, we (I think, are obligated to) take him in the RD.


This. Pretty much all of this. Many thanks to Matt Dea for answering the call, when we were at our lowest and for that he probably deserves life membership, but onwards and upwards.


Done. Back on the rookie list


Great news


Lives to fight another Dea.

Because we really need half back flankers.


Good call. And yet ANOTHER pun name. Happy Deas!


Oh FFS dodoro. Why oh why


So basically we’ll have picked up 4 new players? Turning over less than 1/10th of our list. Dumb




who the hell could get jazzed about matt fkn dea getting re-drafted.


If more of our blokes had cojones as big as his we might actually have some success


Stoked he’s back. Should never have been delisted. He’s a bloke I’d want alongside me if I was playing.

Welcome back Matty!


Aceman is a fan of the Big Dea.


I can’t wait til you’re a bit older youngbarry.


Sounds like @youngbarry isn’t a fan. That’s the gist I got anyway. Not quite sure.


Whereas Others prefer Big Day Out.