#49 Matt Dea


im having flashbacks to our list management under sheedy.


you are to negativity what a moth is to light.


Strange but I reckon they’ve just decided Neagle still not quite there. Better to have someone who can impact immediately.

Dea gets another year. Neagle next year.


you’re an idiot. Of the 5 picks 4 are new pickups and we traded for Shiel and you are complaining about Dea. Crawl back under a rock.


Pleased with this - deserves another year. We have a good range of youngsters for the future & he will provide great support if needed. Also be a great leader in the backline of the VFL.


Was about to say time for a thread change and @DJR beat me to it.


I wonder if darli can speak about him again now


It was harsh he was chopped initially but I’m only marginally enthused about his return.

Title changed!


I feel like marginally enthused is actually your highest degree of enthused though?


Dea >>>> SMJ


I need boomerangs and Becky Lynch on this scale too for comparison purposes please


Genuine question. How does re-listing Dea offer more upside than rookie listing a player like Mitch Grigg?


Impressive work by the Essendon media dept to get photos of Dea in Essendon gear.


Matt Dea, … becomes Matt Rea.


Anyone else take Grigg? No. What does that tell you? Clubs clearly know he’s not worth drafting.


haha what about tim kelly ? recruiters are geniuses


Dea for Coleman 2019


How is this guy. When he plays in a flag in 10 months time it will be one of the greatest AFL survival stories.


I… I… just can’t… no words… I cannot… wait! No… you see… one sec… I mean… love… what is it… I can’t sorry… maybe later…



Yeah I am. Not the best or flashiest but the guy bleeds for the club no matter if we are 10 goals up or 10 goals down and I like that. Always willing to sacrifice his own game for the betterment of the team and his team mates. A good honest jobber who knows his role and Richmond recently won a flag with about half a dozen of his type. Is just an insurance policy but you know that he can come in and do a job