#49 Matt Dea


You’re on Blitz barnz!


Lol Richmond…


Not what l would have done, but he gets reward for his hard work and provides depth and experience.


Seems strange to me.

Better off keeping Goddard


Dodoro said in video he as always going to get picked up and was just the unlucky one to get delisted as they had to open up the senior list spots


I too would like to get investigated for salary cap space breach.


A player who is 5 years older, wouldn’t play for rookie salary, and plays a different position? Sure makes sense


Great minds




Good point


Completely different roles. Dea can play as a lockdown defender whereas Goddard refuses to defend and wants to play the sweeping role as a loose man with zero accountability. Might sound harsh but we have a dozen blokes that can play Goddards role


Not to mention there is no way Goddard would play for a rookie wage.


Or bide his time in the VFL


Very happy!
Matty Dea is the kind of guy you want around the club. He will probably only play 6-10 games next year, but you know whenever he comes in he will work ■■■■■■ hard, can match up on smalls or talls and always put his head over the ball. If we need to fall back on Matty in finals, you will know what he will deliver.

When he isn’t in the ones, he will be a great mentor for the younger guys.

Good decision all round. But, if the club was always going to do this, they should have said Something.




Would be interesting to know if he was given any promises by the club or not.


Exactly. How could we enjoy Darli’s meltdown if they told us. :wink:


Darli’s campaigning against the board right now because they delisted Dea.


So we could telegraph exactly what we were planning to do in the draft to not only supporters but also to all other clubs!


That’s hard to believe considering we have one senior list spot empty and have an extra rookie now. Considering how the list has ended up we could have left him on the main list without affecting anything else