#49 Matt Dea


Except of course the salary cap.


We should be calling this kid “Kotter”
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.


Best pick from the draft in my opinion.

Glad he’s going around again.


I wonder if we delisted him thinking another club would offer him a contract as a DFA where he would be a better chance of getting games and then when there were no takers we threw him a lifeline


I really like Matt Dea and I thought he was very stiff being delisted but it’s a really strange pick imo. Regardless, I’m positive he won’t let us down and will probably play some football next year.


She’s right, too !


LOL … firstly Yay!

I’m not campaigning against anything.

Some things the last 12 months have made me uneasy. The last time I felt like that bad things happened to our footy club.

Then we ran a pretend board election where not only did no one apparently nominate but a guy that should have been running somehow didn’t and the Chairman did.
Then we offer up a raft of constitution changes with no real explanation.

I don’t like it.


What Does that mean for Zac clarke?


Me. Shut your fkg clams


You have no i-dea.


The only thing Goddard has refused to for do Essendon is retire of his own accord.


Where can I learn more about this @Darli ?


Welcome back Kotter!


It’s actually 5 new players.
I’m assuming you lack the opposable thumb to count that far. (Also assuming your other hand is busy keyboard warrior)


I like Dea and I get what Disco was saying about what he brings to the team.

However Sydney Stack was left on the shelf

would have much preferred him, and a few others before redrafting a player where the position is well and truly covered


By whom?


I actually think we are a bit light on in Dea’s position. We have a million running, rebounding defender types but very little of the lockdown role types.


I think pure lockdown defenders weigh us down. Were all about fast ball movement and any time dea or Ambrose have it it’s a negative impact on our MO.




We can’t have everyone playing loose or attacking. There are times when you need a player to purely shut out an opposition forward