#49 Matt Dea


I think i should also add, i love the way dea goes about footy. pure heart. I just don’t think we can have too many poor kicks, especially out of defense, and we don’t seem to have come up with strategies to cover players like dea or ambrose. If we did have visible strategies to always get it out of their hands and have over lap run from our wicked half back line all the time, i’d be very much in favour of them playing in the firsts.

I also think having players that do damage with the ball curbs the forwards you’d want to dea to be stopping.

So, good last resort depth but i’d rather a team with all of our taller (not tall) defenders than dea and ambrose.


How is he a poor kick?


He’s not a positive impacting kick.

gets ball, cycles it out wide.


He’s not.


Also not true.

I’ll agree he’s not a long penetrating kick, but that’s it.


I’d also rather have francis, gleeson, ridley, conor, mcgrath, saad in the team over him.


I’ve been big on Stack for most of the year, but him been passed up by all 18 clubs is a good indication that there are some significant off-field issues that he needs to address before he is put on an AFL list


If half the players on our team had balls as big as Matt Dea we’d be a far better side. He’s not a flashy player but he always steps up and plays with a real sense of urgency. The amount of times i’ve seen him leap backwards into a pack of opposition players and take a mark is crazy. He even knocked himself out in round 19 against Sydney doing it. Hope he stays on for a few more years. Stoked.


If Stack finds a bit of respect and a bit of dedication he’ll get taken next year, because the talent is definitely there, but no AFL club is going to take him with the attitude he has displayed so far.


I think most would agree there.

Dea has the last spot on our list in case there is a few injuries to those guys.


Is this Chinese whispers stuff? I dont think that’s really correct, at all. He has a damn good attitude


So you’re saying he is too arrogant


Everyone has passed on him and with the intel available today there must be some doubt on him


Agreed. He didn’t deserve to be cut in the first place and is the type of guy who makes me love footy. Nothing special, just GnD and a lot of hard work to get the best out of himself.


Dea - best #49, since the last one.


Was great news to have him back.

Clarke and Shiel make it 6.


Have we actually got Clarke?


Yep, love players like Dea, Brown and Bags.

Give all for the club and asking little in return.


Couldn’t agree more. I love Baggers and watching Brown have such a great season was a big part of what I enjoyed most about the season. Him and McKernan (who is also a journeyman who thought he was on the scrapheap) becoming our two key fwds and delivering with baggers in the pocket was really enjoyable to watch.


No, but that list spot will be used on someone new.