#49 Matt Dea


They talked about this on Foxfooty live coverage. Sheehan (sp?) said he is a good kid but he has attitude issues and lack of professionalism. He misses training, misses medical tests, doesn’t eat well and ignores directives.


That’s ok, he too can grow up to be the president of the United States.


Good sides are judged by their bottom 6 players.

Ours are better than serviceable.


No. It’s the legit knock on the bloke.
Lack of commitment, not very professional attitude, etc.
As I said, if he can fix that, and it wouldn’t be hard, the talent is there.


Wake up call for Sidney Stack. The clock is ticking.


Matty Dea you are ace,
I’m glad we found one more space,
You give your best for the red and black,
I’m mighty chuffed, welcome back - go Matty, go Bombers.


Contact Reboot. He’s got some great stories!:wink:


He’s not on the list in case one of our rebounding defenders goes down. He’s on the list in case one of our lock down defenders goes down.


How do you explain Richmond winning a premiership? You can’t tell me their bottom 6 were better than most


Similar to Bulldogs they have a deep list that follows the gameplan to the letter.

Compare their list to the modern great sides like Geelong and Hawthorn and you can easily see that they bat far deeper.

Top end talent will win you games but sides that have few weaknesses win flags.


Really happy for the guy. And good list management by the club.


Watching replays, Dea had played well in quite a few games. His disposal and decision making seemed to have improved , whilst retaining his overhead intercepting ability. I think the only reason Dea was delisted was to make way for some younger players like Redman and Ridley, who have more upside. But now we have drafted 4 new project players, thats enough really. Good call to bring Dea back in as a ready made player.


If I can believe Jackets, Dea was always going to retain a spot on the list.
But the way the draft, and trading, now works it’s prudent to have an extra list spot to play with.
Bundling late picks to take advantage of opportunities is always a possibility, and you don’t know if they’ll be needed til the actual Draft.

If we had gone down this path I’m fairly sure we wouldn’t have taken Jok Jok as a rookie, but Dea would still have been redrafted.


Dodoro mentioned in one of his interviews (can’t remember if it was club site, Fox or Radio) that they wanted the flexibility on the list to get someone in the mid season draft or recruiting window. I’d assume that’s probably based around injury insurance but it may be he’s looking at a few players to see how they attack next season & pre season after the disappointment of not getting drafted.


The mail is that AFL clubs have a doubt on his application to be a full time professional. That’s not necessarily the way he plays or the like but the off field things that a professional must do like diet, attitude to training etc. All 18 clubs overlooked him multiple times, even as a bargain basement rookie so there must be something to it. Clubs are quick to sniff these things out these days. I also believe there’s a few clubs watching him now that he’s had this disappointment, they want to see if it lights a fire under him and those results will be known by mid next season. The kid needs to knuckle down now and train his butt off to show to everyone (and himself) that he has what it takes. Hope he does because the kid has lots of talent.


Article in a Perth Paper saying that Richmond are considering inviting Stack over- he’d live with Harwick & train with the Club. If they like him they could pick him up under the new “you have til March to get one more rule”.



I want us to pick him up next year, we need another S in the team. :slightly_smiling_face:


Really pleased we picked up Dea. Well done Matty.
Gives 100% each game and is rarely beaten in contests.


The best thing for him would be to sit out the year and prove that he has the discipline to deserve a shot at the big time


Are you suggesting there is a bit of nepotism going on?