#49 Matt Dea


It happens at every club no doubt- goes with the territory- but Dea is a good player


I love many things about Dea and am glad he’s been rookied, but I think this is a stretch when you look at mozzie and his smile, highlight real and the fact we got him from Whorethorne.


I’m stoked he’s been rookied given his heart, I’ll be equally stoked if our back 6 doesn’t require him - it will mean some of our your kids are getting and holding down the gig.

He’s honest depth though.


You took it literal?


I blame my ex wife - she didn’t appreciate sarcasm


Few women understand sarcasm unless they are making the comment






What is that an acronym for? I don’t get that either.


Edited for greater accuracy


Jaded ? Nope, still have a few Wives left in me

Realist ? Absolutely, though completely deluded according to my therapist.


F*ckstruckicity is a delusional state however it is worthwhile. Keep plugging away.


Creating a short list of candidates, strange that Mrs Fox is helping find her successor though !


Is this lonely hearts advice?


Settle down love.