#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


I hope he kicks a huge bag and puts me right back in my box


Harder to get a kick at chf I agree for sure. But ruck is harder on the body and joints




I think he’s a natural ruck.

And i think it stops him overthinking his mistakes too.

Would like to see more of it.


solid first game back




What’s to lol about?

He is an excellent ruck but just so happens to play well forward.

His mobility means he can play just about anywhere on the ground.

If we are to challenge this year Joe is the man to take us forward!



We are soooo getting fined.


Looks like he will provide great support for Mitch Brown.


When fit, he puts us over the top. Sly Stallone style.



The 90% game time doesn’t make us look very Guilty.


Welcome back Joey.


That goal from 60 was ridiculous. Can’t wait for him to be punting goals on the run from the centre square.

Has to sure up his man marking and his set shots but what a big in he is.


I need a gif of him casually looking up after slotting one from 70m


how good was it to see joe slot that long bomb? how much better was it to see the pure joy on his face when rejoicing with his teammates? some days, i love football and so does joe. today was one of those days. :smile:


THAT goal man…


Loved this


Joey loves footy don’t you Joey


Nice goal, but he also worked further up the ground getting a few marks on the wing, looked a lot better thanJLt1 or 2


He still gravitates to the other talls, condensing the other teams defence. some of the best parts of smack brown + stringer was them creating separation.