#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


A couple of things. 1, you don’t know when his injury started to give him trouble, and 2, the rest of the team was just as bad in the periods you’re giving Joe a hard time about. These sort of comments amaze me. We have very different opinions of Joe.


It’s nice to put a face to the name.


Your comment was about depth, which I refuted.
Name another team’s 10th and 11th choice midfielders that would have the same influence as Stringer or Tippa at a centre bounce or around stoppages.

If you are strictly talking about Elite Elite midfielders, then I maybe give you that one, but you referenced depth !


aahhh… he had OP from the preseason last year. What he showed last year provides literally ZERO insight when it comes to his performance in games. When will people get this? Its like saying Jimmy Hird was ■■■■■ in the 2001 GF, and therefore, he was an average player and a risk at the selection table from that day onwards.


We lost 3 games in our late charge last season, Pies, Hawks and Tigers you put the real Joe in those games and we win all 3 by 6 goals. He’s played 2 finals and he stood up in both, He’s a big game player some of the talk is crazy dudes.


I don’t believe this to be a fair comparison.

When the mids look to deliver the ball inside 50 they kick it way more often to Daniher than any other tall forward. If Smack or Stewart were given the support that Daniher has from mids and other forwards their figures would definitely improve significantly. They also have better accuracy or at least don’t kick it out on the full as much and kill momentum.

I guess we will find out.


Missing the Joe of 2017 is devastating

Missing the Joe of 2018 and JLT 2019 is a plus

Seriously no Hooker and no Joe is not good

Smack and or Hartley and Ambrose better fire up


Not really talking up his trade value there.


You’re an idiot.


Me and @Bomb_Doe have officially made it into a essendon meme. You can probably pick me, but try and pick doe


I tore a calf a few years back and it also felt like a kick to the back of the leg.

The key differences are:

  1. I didn’t get a kick to the back of the leg, it just felt like it.

  2. I was mid 30s and fat.

You can’t tear someone’s calf by kicking them in the back of the leg. You can give them a contusion but it is highly unlikely that the muscle will suffer structural damage as a result of a blunt trauma. It is even more unlikely that you’d get a 4-6 week tear. Muscles don’t work like that.


Doe is the one with the laptop out working away on Photoshop.


It’s true.
Do you think, though, that Daniher’s strike rate would go up a little if our other tall forwards led away from him rather than towards him? I’d love to see this happen more often and then watch as Brown/Smack are left alone, and/or Joey one-on-one with Walla/Fanta buzzing around.


Ok, ignore 2018 those games out and you have a player who hasn’t showed what he can do for 18 months - he hasn’t even been able to get up to elite fitness for 18 months either.

He’s got the best people planning his recovery and even they can’t get him fit.

Surely with each setback the likelihood of him getting back to his best reduces? I hope he can but the answer is “maybe” not definitely.

Some people just expect everything to go right, but Stringer, Hurley, Hooker and Daniher aren’t all going to have “AA” years again, not all of our young players are going to come good either.


Good shot of you!


Seriously mate, look up his 2017 stats. You are wrong on so many accounts there its laughable. He was literally one of the leading marking players for the year - of ALL players, leading contested mark, and leading inside 50s. When it comes to the forwards, he was basically number 1. His kicking? compare his accuracy in that year to Buddy - enough said. For guy working on his kicking he had 65.39 for the year… yeah, I know check his OOTF. He was progressing fine.

Easily outbodied? Why so many contested marks? Hard edge? Why so many contested marks? this guy was mauled in the marking contests, often with little to no support from a young age - until maybe Cale gave him a chopout.

just… wow… seriously.


Oh really.


It’s been haunting me for ages. My mates never let me live it down. The club use it a bit, that was after we beat freo when the saga dropped


Your clutching.
Our midfield “group” is more of a concern to me than Joe being out, that better ?


Want some stats? In 2017 including out of bounds on the full kicks, Joes goal accuracy was 56%. Last year, Smacks was 50%.