#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Yeah, why don’t they do that?

Often pre-game or team threads people say "we will be unstoppable, Joe will have 2 guys on him and it will take 2 defenders to cover Smack, and then Stringer and Raz will be off the leash or Walla will have a field day… but it never really happens that way.


You’re sitting on Doe’s shoulders to get a better view is my guess.


How do you figure we focus on him too much when we haven’t even played a game yet?

this makes absolutely no sense at all!

And to save you the time we didn’t focus on him too much last year either. Many times we have posted the stats up here to prove that they weren’t going through him anywhere near as much as they previously had.

they were obviously managing him in those first 7 rounds last year.


He was more accurate, including out of bounds on the full kicks in 2017 than Buddy in 17 and Riewoldt in 18.


5 games meh. Shouldn’t have an impact on our season. Can’t wait to see it being used as an excuse should we not win a final though.


Ha - that was a very special moment.


I don’t believe Joe’s absence will hinder us that much.
We did well without him last year, and I like that balance of Smack, Brown, Stringer with the smalls.
I’m not concerned by that midfield group either.
There is plenty of quality there, with upside for the majority of them in the next few years.

What I am worried about, is the apparent lack of form from Hurley, Langford,Parish and Zaka.
The less than optimal prep for Zac, Belly and Fanta, and the fear that Hooker won’t return match fit for the challenging Rds.5/6/7 against monster forwards.


I know he had a really good run in 2017, right after having a bad run early on. It was quite remarkable.

Firstly, you are just taking for granted that he will be as good as 2017 again.

Secondly, you are ignoring his horror stretches in front of goal. Those times when we are behind, we hold up the opposition, work really hard for Joey to take a mark in the goal square and then miss. Again.

Anyway, I’m not arguing he’s crap, I’m arguing he’s had a lot of opportunities, that his future performance is unknown, and that Smack & Stewart’s future is also unknown.


So WOB is crazy jumper grabber, and you are…?


JD played best (and was AA) when we had a big bodied focal point at FF in Hooker. And he could then get up the ground more across CHF & use his athleticism to advantage.

We’ve not seen a Smack at FF, Daniher at CHF setup yet. Whilst Brown is serviceable he’s not a match winner like JD is.

When he is the main man at FF it’s not really his game for some of the reasons Brasha indicating, especially being outbodied. Trading him a ridiculous call however.

Hopefully he gets fit and firing to come back or take Brown’s spot and Smack remains at FF.


Please, let’s keep this thread on topic.


Your face is the topic


We didn’t have Fantasia against the Pies and Tigers either. Add him in and we would have won too.


You’re taking for granted the fact that he kicked 43 goals in 2016 when the team was rubbish. You can’t consider the bad patches and ignore the good. Look at the total output. Which has been amazing. I know you’re not saying his crap. But we’re nowhere near as good without him.

And the argument that Smack and Sterwart are more accurate is actually totally false.


Has anyone contacted Dr Oz to get his thoughts.


So you’re saying if he wasn’t being managed early last year we would have kicked it to him more?

Basically I don’t trust the team not to kick to him too much. If plan A is “kick it to Daniher”, then I reckon plan B is better.


Now it’s this:
5 Games out

… Ranked 1st among rising injuries per season?


Definitely the kid in the middle wearing the scarf and giving the fist pump. :grin:


It’s a cover up. You’re all drinking the kool aid if you think it’s not. Joe was traded to Sydney in the trade period. This is all a cover up.


I am saying that last year we knew he was injured and they shared the ball around accordingly.

At the very least he is going to draw the best and most likely second best defender allowing others to come into the game.

In hindsight they probably should have rested him though.