#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


OK, wasn’t looking at stats, they just seem to be better kicks at goal, more consistent - Smack in particular.

Look, I’m disappointed he’s not fit. I’ve based my expectations this year on the last 14 games of 2018 + fit Joey + Sheil, so I’m upset his break has been extended, but at the same time there’s some aspects I won’t miss - probably drawn from recent memories from early 2018 matches and recent JLT.

Hard to argue we aren’t better of with an AA 2017 Joe Daniher.


Frkin devastated.


Yes true, but you might report it as a kick in the back of the calf. When I did mine, I actually accused my opponent of kicking me.


Its certainly not a time to laugh
I am devastated for Joey
He was trying so hard to make a comeback!!


Shhhh. Diggers might read that. Then you will be in trouble.


GWS odds have shortened since this news broke. The bookies clearly rate Joey.

edit* actually, call me a happy clapper, but the dons at $2.30 might be worth a punt.


It will be tough for Joey to get back in when we are 4-0 and Mckernans leading the goal coleman.
Its actually probably a good thing for the team.
they can go back to the setup they were using the last half of 2018 before mckernan blew his hammy. ie like against North.

Francis in more of a accountable goddard role for Hooker,
Zaharakis for Goddard
Shiel in for Colyer
Laverde in for Baguley
Ridley in for Dea


So is there any news on McGrath? Is this for real? Surely someone must be at training… @nackers


Look at the date you Goon!


Surely it’s more than 5 games he can’t walk straight back into the seniors when fit


Will be interesting to see. The Tigers are going to throw Lynch straight back in without JLTs or anything.


Who was the idiot who kicked him?, sack that person and send them to Gold Coast.


Rare sighting of JD at the G.


Feel for Joe. Frustrating for him no doubt. Gee, if he’s “tweaked” his groin there’ll be ramped up Goddard style finger pointing although, another soft tissue injury on the road back from a long lay off is not uncommon. Even so, it feels like the club tried to rush him in for round 1. Hope now he gets a run in the VFL before playing in the firsts.



“went for a scan and there’s a little nick in there”

I think that means a tear


I’ve heard he’s big, but wow, can’t even walk straight, that’s real big!


The expectation that Joe would be fit and ready for Round 1 was always to high, especially after watching him in the JLT games. One mark, no goals. Hardly an outstanding performance two weeks out from the start of 2019 season. Even the coaches were saying he would be picked for the GWS game, but only play a minimum amount of time. I want 22 fully fit players out on the park, not a team with one very suspect player only half fit, The game is to be won, not playing with one player half baked and playing poorly.
I’ve said all along, JOE WASN’T ENOUGH FIT TO START THE SEASON. He now needs to get over this calf injury and return via 2-3 VFL games. At best, the Round 9 home game against Freo. Sure Smack, Brown and Stewart haven’t got Joe’s 2017 goal kicking stats. But I would prefer to have three fit goers that one half-baked player sitting half the game on the bench.
GWS would be a hard game to win even with a 100% fit Joe and Hooker. I’d play all three - Smack at CHB, Stewart CHF and Brown FF. Or some combination with those three ALL playing. All deserve a game. Brown and Smack were sensational last year, Time for Stewart to step up to the mark. What better opportunity to sow his worth against his old side. Bet Smith and Shiel will be breathing fire to have a crack at their old side. Even Hartley might still get a game down back???


I think this sounds like the most sensible approach.


Assuming Joe wasn’t putting on an Academy Award winning performance.
So, from a verbal description (it didn’t pop, go bang, cause immediate hobbling) it’s most likely a soleus strain. Relatively good news
Grade 1 - 7-10 days recovery
Grade 2 - 4-6 weeks.

The first would be described in Daniher terms as ‘a little nick”
So 2 weeks recovery and 2 to 3 weeks running conditioning.

The best bit for me was Joe saying he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice about playing sore / injured without being upfront about it.

So back for Anzac Day no worries.
All you pessimists and Joe haters can go back to the ‘Let’s All Drink The KoolAid’ threads.