#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Interesting to hear him say he wont make the same mistake of convincing them he is right to play when he isn’t.

He’s looking so much bigger across the shoulders now. Really looking forward to his comeback.


I doubt we really have any “Joe haters”

we all love him


The responses I’ve seen to the Christchurch shootings have been more measured than the panicked meltdowns in this thread today.

Try to maintain some perspective in your lives people


I’ve waded through these posts - some of these people are expressing their affection for Joey in classic abusive relationship terminology.

‘I love you darling’

  • that’s why you’re useless / I want to get rid of you for good / we’re better off without you / I had to break your arm


By league standards more than half of those are average or below for midfielders at the present time. First 4 yes, but the rest are either unproven or better suited elsewhere. I reckon you could find an equivalent for each of them in most teams.


And how many teams in history have more than 4 top level midfielders?


Aren’t we talking about the depth? My point is that’s not depth relative to a lot of other teams. Most of those guys are average to below as midfielders imo.


Depth being players to call up who could play a role, not expected to be stars

If next in line who’d be physically capable are:

Parish (arguable if in/out of team), Mutch & Clarke (both been very good at VFL level) & LAV. And Long as an outside mid.

It’s not that bad.

Then you have Redman returning as well who’d also be capable in a midfield role (done so in VFL at times). And Begley with potential also.

There is enough there to work with, all still with plenty of upside really.

Not too sure other teams would be doing better for depth.

Anyway back to JD. Godspeed.

Get back on the park finger twirlin soon’


What is it with all the fkn calf injuries? It’s an old man injury FFS.


Footballers use their calves for running and jumping and kicking things


I wonder what “little things in his game” Joey wants to “work a little bit harder on”.
Might I suggest

  • holding his ground when an opponent “nudges” him just before the ball arrives.
  • possibly even reminding himself that he is bigger and heavier than just about everybody else on the ground, and using that to “nudge” them first.
  • present to ball and go at it full blooded (think Brown and Cox) rather than jumping from behind.

He has all the ability in the world, it’s time he learned how to harness it better.


haha looks like I’ve been sucked in!


They use a lot of parts of their bodies to do those things, smarty dacks. Doesn’t explain why there’s been a glut of calf injuries recently.

Edit: “Glut” might be hyperbole, but they seem to be common of late.


Must be vey frustrating for Joe… Dealt with the media scum’s repetitive questions very well. Can’t wait to see him back playing healty and injury free. So important for the team to have him back and firing again!


At least we still have Tippa to kick it to


You haven’t been reading the Tippa thread, have you?

Edit: you have, well played!


The ghost of Scott Gumbleton continues to haunt us


Don’t you mean Winders or Rama, hmm Rioli, nope Salmon, maybe Neale Daniher. Actually it’s the ghost of Coleman that’s still got us by the curly’s


Hmmm … maybe a Brazilian is the answer then.


Harry O’Brian!

Not sure he’ll fix anything.