#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


I’d love to know how much Justin Crowe gets paid.




Typo, or are you a fan of Smack’s time down back at Adelaide?


Preseason is sponsored by St Essington Day.


Except they are in much more care and a better environment for rehab than we would be… you’d hope!


plus super


Turn into the best goal kicking forward in the league who doesn’t have to run much. Best of luck Joey.




Cya next year.


Mate we’ve got about 2 blokes on the entire list unavailable at the moment. Most clubs dream about that.

Take your whinging elsewhere


What about to kick straight every time


I see the glass half full
This break will give Joey even more rest to his OP so the recovery will be complete.
He is now hungry
Beware a wounded Daniher


Rapt to hear Gleeson, Begley, Dea, Hooker and Redman are available for round one.

Excellent news.


You spoke to LAV about Joey Dan??


Hooker was one of the 2 I was referring to.
The rest are all in full training and playing the next VFL practice game aren’t they?

Play semantics all you want. Fitness-wise, our list is in great shape, so people need to stop ■■■■■■■ and moaning about the fitness department


Ok, thanks Justin.


Is Tippa in full training?
And seven reduced to two is not semantics.

I’m not gunning for Crow by any means, but losing two (really out of three, pray for Hurley!) best 22 KPPs is disappointing.


I think heading into the season without our CHF and CHB for a month isn’t awesome


Yeah I can get on board with that…


I’m a controversial guy what I can I say