#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


I agree with you. The long term injuries are all very close. Hooker will be round 3-4 and Joey not long after. The list is in very good shape. People have to complain about something though.


It’s not great having players injured, especially keys like those two. But has nothing to do with Crow or fitness team, so I just don’t get some of these calls. It’s like ringing up Ford and abusing them because you had a puncture on the way to work. Anyway…


No need to gild the lily then, is there.


It’s clearly all Croewes fault that phys-edding fraud - ruined Coleman too. Not to mention Tom Lynch - Crowes has completely undermined Lynch’s first pre-season at the Tigers and this has barely been reported on because no other clubs have injuries to key players therefore it can’t have happened.

Time for Justin CrØwe to fall on his sword.


When did we lose Hurley?


about 2 seasons ago


Good old Davey days


I’m definitely in the “people are overreacting to the injuries to Hooker/Daniher” camp. We are certainly no worse off than other clubs atm. But to say their injuries have nothing to with Crow and the fitness team… Their training program has a massive influence on injuries and is anything but “nothing” to do with it.



Players train. Ours aren’t doing anything wild. They aren’t carrying truck tyres up hills, or running around in jungles. They just train, like all the other players around, and like them, sometimes they get injured.

You pull a calf muscle - the one that you use to step/jump off with…yeah - not Crow’s fault.
You are born with an OP tendency - and then aggravate it while playing your sport - not Crow’s fault. These are standard, normal things that happen to elite sport players, everywhere, all the time.

To single out a person to blame for something like this is frankly - ridiculous. I’m purposely trying to not use stronger adjectives. Crow designs and manages fitness programs, including recovery programs. If he were going totally left-field and doing some wild things, I’d understand. But we don’t do this.

A new injury is beyond his control. Bringing an injured player back up to playing condition is definitely his job. You could argue that he hasn’t handled that part well with a particular player, if you liked. You probably want to have some info to base your argument on though. But blaming him for occurring injuries - ridiculous.


How quickly folk here seem to have forgotten about the dark days of the Weapon!


People have forgotten just how bad our injuries were year after year before Crow arrived.

He’s doing a good job.


Well, ffs, if he’s going to injure players, could he at least injure some spuds?


According to some he has.


I don’t think those positions will be empty. We will have a CHF and a CHB, just not our first choices.


Now that would be giving up the corridor.


My perception would be that we’ve seemed to rush players back early a few times in the last year, often not fully up to speed so they don’t perform anyway, and just end up re-injured. Honestly, there’s been a few head scratchers (Fanta and Joe are two that spring up) and it always starts with the same “he’s healing faster than we thought” so we up the pace of getting them back on the field, followed by whatever the new niggle that extends the recovery time on top of having them play half rat player multiple times. That’s been my perception of our injury management, it could be bad luck and they’re making the right decision, but I guess how would us rank file folk ever really know…


No, that will be Joe’s SuperCoach starting price next year if we mess this up.


yeah I’d like him to kick straighter, but at least he works on it, albeit with limited success.
When he says he wants to work on parts of his game, I want to see him playing in a robust fashion, as his size now should suit. He is no longer a spindly young player, and so the idea that he has to run and jump at the ball to take a mark, and every time a key position sized AFL defender denies him that, he is out of the contest, and he looks to the umpire to help him out, is what gets me frustrated.
He is no Tom Hawkins, but he could play like Brown and Cox. And with his talent, he would be better than both of them.


The facts are not everyone has the body equipped to play AFL or the mindset. You may be an elite athlete in one sport or even two and be able to cross over to another without too many difficulties. Depending on what your best sport is. For some athletes it just doesn’t work out, their body cannot take the rigours of AFL which is actually a combination of many sports.

I sometimes wonder if people have any idea how gruelling the sport of AFL really is.


Brown and Cox who?

If its the Brown and Cox I’m thinking of he’s already far better than both.