#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


You’d think the boys would have enjoyed a beer or two Saturday night and deservedly so.

JD is back to full training this week also so isn’t technically injured even if we had that rule which the club has indicated we don’t.

Non story.


He must be 100% over the injury coz I don’t think many if any players would drink whilst recovering from a calf strain.

I reckon they quoted the calf as being 5-6 weeks to give him a couple of weeks of proper training (given his lack of fitness etc.) whereas it was actually a 3 week calf that he got over last week


T.D. would have sorted Joe out- ‘drink up son’


:+1: Noice


All the weeks


The lack of self awareness from the media - that they lessen their own credibility daily - is actually hilarious.

All the angles they could pursue from the Saga, or AFL treatment of Dean Bailey, or Demetrious blatantly questionable ethics etc etc.

But no, it’s Joe having a beer and Martin sledging Mumford. Fmd.

They’re pathetic.


Big hands, carrying the beer at the highest point!

For what it is worth, I hear he only had a couple…


Because their accreditation by the afl for media rights plays a big part i think. Think of grant thomas.

Hell you can even pick it up in broadcasts now , pretty sure gary lyon on fox had a dig at them for telling them they were too negative towards the game.
Then on 7 they will mostly mention a bad umpiring call then move on , unless its an absolute howler.

Everything is micromanaged by th3 afl for pr spin purposes.




Former AFL club captains Garry Lyon and Tim Watson are frustrated that Joe Daniher having a quiet beer with mates can become a story in 2019.

It was reported that Daniher was seen having a few drinks over the weekend and Lyon said this is a clear example as to why a lot of players don’t have active social lives.

“What’s this stuff about Joe Daniher? Why would this be news that Daniher was out on Saturday night at his local pub or bar having farewell drinks and having a couple of beers, why is that a story?” Lyon told SEN Breakfast.

“You wonder why players stop going out and then become sort of prisoners in their own home. You can’t go out and have a beer.

“Just because you happen to have an injury. You’ve rehabbed, you’ve worked your backside off, you’re in a situation where you know you’re in good shape and you go out and have a beer at a mate’s going away party.”

Watson agreed, saying someone would’ve rung the club and dobbed Daniher in.

“I’ve got no idea (why it’s a story). I guess someone rung the football club and complained. People do that,” he said.

“They say because you’re out injured – what are you allowed to do, what are you not allowed to do. He wasn’t rolling drunk, he was just having a quiet drink with his mates.”

When asked, Essendon told the Herald Sun they have no issue with Daniher having a drink, saying they trust their players to make good decisions.


There is a big difference, A VERY BIG DIFFERENCE, between having a few quite beers with friends and getting absolutely ■■■■-faced. Whether that is on rehab or during the season. Timing also plays a part.

One is nothing to see here, the other is maybe worthy of some internal club discipline.

These journalists have nothing better to do. I hate the footy news cycle, report on something worthy you Muppets.


FMD honestly some of these journalists are absolute dickheads!


The guy owns a share of a beer company. Anybody that thinks he’s not having a cold one on his days off is crazy. The media have a thing for Joey this season. Hope he doesn’t let it get to him.


In related news today, there was commentary that 17 of 18 AFL clubs are sponsored by alcohol companies. It’s not clear whether Footscray has taken a principled stand, or whether no one thought they were worth sponsoring.


Perhaps he should do what BT did back in his playing pays. His local used to pour beers for him in a mug that had the label and string from a tea bag glued to the outside, to make it look as if he was drinking tea and not beer…


They have a thing against Essendon every year unfortunately.

I don’t watch the broadcasts often but the level of bias against Essendon turns me off it.

They don’t even try to hide their hatred for our club.


I’m waiting for Nick Riewoldt to come out and condemn him for being unprofessional.


“I mean, I only had a picture with my ■■■■ out circulating. This, however, is unacceptable.”


Nathan Brown is the one that annoys me the most.

I can’t tune into Triple M because of him.


Why are the concentrating on Joe anyway?

Shouldn’t they be reporting on some controversy in a reality tv cooking show?


Saturday night? Wait until they find out about his enjoyment for occasional “mid-week” beers!