#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer




Ah. Yes.


Remember Zach & Joey made a pact together, many moons ago.


Thread title should be change to - enjoys a quiet beer.


Great to see them both out after training practicing. Hopefully he can play 2s next week then maybe return anzac day (5-day break)???


Did they really?? What was it? I have no recollection of this!


I’m still confused by that Matthew Richardson article.

Oh my hat.

What the actual fark is happening ?!?!?!


In honour of Joey D:


There was that infamous article of the farkcarlton player wearing a hat.


“Midway through last year, (Joe and I) got together with Dyson Heppell and started to form a bond that we were going to carry this club through for the next 10 years,” Merrett says.

“It formed before (the 12 players) got banned, but when they did, Joey and I got together and talked to the key stakeholders within the club and tried to plan out the future going forward.”

From 2016 interviews with Zach.


Disgusting of the vice captains to do this while spiritual leaders Hooker and Hurley led the way into the change rooms.


Andrew Walker, Article not available anymore it seems.


latest MKR ad


He should also offer up the glass to whoever’s on him for the sike and neck the last of it. Would also love “Tastes so good when ya can get one” as banter.


What beer company? Google answered this for me.

Anyone know who actually brews it for them?


Anyone remember when Courtnaey Dempsey got in house suspension for drinking while injured?


I’d prefer this happened vs Hawthorn, when he eludes their best midfielder to kick a bomb from 55 out on the run. The headline?

Daniher sculls, Jaeger bombs.


Not sure who brews it mate.


I’m also not sure.


Now there is a photograph of the incident, disgusting!