93 premiership team

I might have missed it but i couldn’t see a thread about the 93 premiership.

Given the pathetuc state of our club right now i thought it was worth remebering better times.

93 was the first premiership i can remember and i grew up watching these guys.

Absolutely loved Michael Long. Champion.

Olarenshaw misiti mercuri were fantastic players. Salmon was also at the top of his game.

What are the players of 93 doing these days?

I believe misiti has his own logistics business.

No idea what mercuri does. Anybody know?

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Was disappointing to hear that only 13 of the Premiership team attended the reunion on Thursday night. Hopefully the club and players can mend their bridges and sort out their issues


Far out. So not only were ticket sales poor but half the team weren’t there?

Yeah very disappointing. A pretty deep malaise within the club currently

Bomber didn’t show for obvious reasons.
Hird and Wallis, for obvious reasons.
I believe Hills was meant to be there, but wasn’t.
Longy I believe was ill, lives in Qld so couldn’t make it.
As for others, Denham, Somerville (i think lives in Qld), Wanganeen, not sure why they didn’t show.

The saddest part is that our most recent 2 premiership captains don’t feel comfortable turning up for club functions and premiership celebrations. The club needs to not make hollow statements saying they support Bomber and Hirdy, they need to go out of their way to repair the relationship, or at the very least get it to a point where they can at least attend such functions. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so low about the club in my life, this current team sucks and seems to be playing for themselves rather than the collective, and we have club greats who are snubbing premiership celebrations and anniversaries…


The 20th anniversary event was amazing. Bomber in attendance and Hird dropping in after his coaching responsibilities. Simpler times.

say hello to the corporate essendon era.


Wanganeen was at one of our home games this year (Bulldogs, I think) and blew that air raid siren thingy before the first bounce so you’d assume everything is sweet with him and the Club.

Yea, and I’m sure all is good with Denham and Somer too. Likely they simply couldn’t make it.

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As depressing as the turn-out for the reunion is, I’d rather talk about the flag.
I don’t want to look back in other threads, but this is appropriate.

I remember going to a game early in the season, can’t remember which game, but after the game (which we won) the team came over to the boundary and clapped the fans.
That, combined with the game itself, left me with an overwhelming and indescribable feeling that we were building something pretty special here.
I was 21.
It was a different feeling from 84, 85 and 2000.
It was real Cinderella stuff.
You knew we had no earthly right to, but damn it we just might anyway.


It was the best year. Like Wimm said, it was not ours to take but the feeling was we were a big shot.
Round 1 against the reigning premiers was huge, a loss but Boris was epic with 8 goals.

Round 2 The Carlton draw was exhilarating.

Round 6 against last years grand finalist Geelong in the shoot out. One of the best games I’ve ever seen.

The West Coast win later in the season.

I remember going to games like Hawthorn at Waverley and admiring the confidence of Hird and Mercuri, so assured.

The final series was remarkable. A young side with a mix of tough veterans.

And Michael Long. He was majestic. The way he played the game was a level above everbody in the finals series. And Sheeds the master. I read more about Sheeds post 2002 on this site which is sad, because he was brilliant, revolutionary, charismatic without ever relenting on seeing the group become tough and determined. He was and is huge for our club.


Players with footy smarts and solid skills.
Had done their apprenticeship in the under 19s.
You would often see Mercuri, Misiti and Hird in the bests.
These guys had ‘it’ when they were recruited to the club.

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Pretty sure Denham still lives in Essendon.

Having a major event for it every 5 years is overkill, especially for a club that has so many premierships to have a reunion for.

Should be every 10 years.

In regards to people not turning up I’d suggest it would be a similar story for most reunions beyond 20 years to have 3 or 4 not turn up due to work, illness etc.

What made it blow out to 7 was the 3 peanuts overseeing a pathetic injection program.

Hope David Evans wasnt there.


Good old dw29392 has put up 20 minutes of Michael Long highlights from the 93 finals series on YouTube.

Do yourselves a favour. What a player.