A 4-day working week

An interesting study showing that shifting to 4 day weeks with no loss of pay doesn’t impact productivity.

I’m planning on shifting to a 4 day week next year, but will definitely be taking a pay cut :sob: . Would love to shift without losing pay!


henry ford rolling in his grave


The IT company my son works for trialled this 3 years ago, it’s permanent now and they’ve pretty much mirrored those results AND seen a significant rise in productivity.


The zero day working week is much better.


I think decreased work hours will happen, its the next logical step imo.

Covid forced us to work from home, which has proven to be a success. With that, people have less travel time and tend to work more efficiently.

The next logical step from that is if people are working more efficiently, that where possible they are required to actually attend work less. Whether it ever becomes a method of employment, who knows.

I think a lot of people returning from mat leave (where they can afford it) and new starters will be those who will push to only work 4 days on a more permanent basis.

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The historical precedent for reduced working hours with no loss of wage is there in the winning of the 8 hour day, first won by stonemasons in Melbourne in 1856. Unfortunately a lot of the shift towards a 4 day week is being run by employers who often offer it as either a loss of wage, or longer hours during those 4 days.

I’d recommend reading Overtime by Will Stronge and Kyle Lewis for anyone interested in some of the arguments for a four day week.

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I way prefer working 4 days even on longer hours. Having friday-sunday off each week kicks ■■■.


Can confirm the 3 day work week becomes the next goal when you’re on a 4 day week.


Part time working mums/dads have known that less than 5 days at work you’re still as productive as a 5 day week.


Then, the RDO and flexitime credits came in. The 9 day fortnight became a feature in many workplaces

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My wife’s work has the option of working 1hr longer each day and getting a 9 day fortnight. Most of the staff have taken it up and she ended up with every second Friday off


Are we including teachers in this?

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I had a view for quite a while that we needed an extra day to give us a three day weekend. So an 8 day week. And that extra day was a true day of rest. So no shops etc opened. A day to spend at home, recreationally or to visit friends/family. We have lost the opportunity to rest.

The four day working week could do that but it would depend on how people use that extra personal time.

It’s about getting your work life balance right. And that can mean different things at different stages of your life.


See this is the thing. It’s the 3 day weekend which is great moreso that the 5 day work week is bad. You can get up to so much more on a long weekend and really refresh but the ratio of 4 on 3 off is maybe too little work.

The obvious solution is EIGHT DAY WEEKS

5 working days, 3 weekend days

So you’d have about 46 weeks a year and about 230 business days (ignoring holidays) which is better that 208 business days with a 4 day work week.

Wtf is 7 days anyway? We’re really organizing modern society based on the book of genesis? Lol.

8 days a week, you all know I’m right


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Great minds….

Sometimes more. I would grab at the chance to recruit a part time mother with a young child.
One that really worked fantastically was part time 3 days a week mother , her partner worked 4 days a week in another unit, flexible in regard to the actual days. And if the woman’s job involved travel, he would take leave. Our office also had a fund to compensate for a paid carer if the job involved travel.


Workings great. If you really hate it you have a ■■■■ job.

The one thing i dislike about my job is it means i sit on my bum for too many hours a day.

Flexibility around work is what i like better than a set 4 day week.

If its beautiful, hot out and a total beach day on Wednesday but raining and ■■■■■■ on a Sunday.

Having work flexibility to work on the Sunday and go surfing and relax at the beach on the wednesday would be where its at



ha - as if there was any doubt

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I also recruited part time mums. Come into the office, don’t ■■■■ around, easily managing competing priorities then go home. Three dsys of their time was easily 5 days worth.


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