A Brief History of West Coast

I hate West Coast and that hatred goes back to the beginning as this story illustrates however, what they have achieved and become in the years since is to be admired, even if through gritted teeth.

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No mention of getting on the roids early 90s or heavy duty recreationals mid oughties?


So true…

Whatever it take (just don’t get caught)

Penny for @westozziebomber’s thoughts…


Given the conditions and last minute demands to join the VFL, how desperate were the people behind the Indian Pacific bid to be involved? An absolute miracle it survived 1987.

Will not waste one second of my time watching anything that praises that mob of drug taking scum

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Biggest steaming pile of sh*t team on the comp. Wouldn’t bat a eyelid if their club burnt down with all their POS supporters inside it



Fk West Coast.

West Coast are an odd lot.
Sometimes a team has both ■■■■ supporters and players it’s easy to hate - Collingwood & Hawthorn spring to mind.
Sometimes the supporters are tolerable- I’m thinking of the two Norf supporters I know (acknowledging that’s 10% of their fan base) - but the players are frequently ■■■■■ - Lindsay Thomas, Tarrant & their tradition of thuggish full backs, sniper Waite, etc etc

The Eagles I’d argue are the opposite- their supporters are absolute knobs but they’ve had some quality players who’ve actually been good to watch.

So it’s a tough one, especially if you live 2000km from their ■■■■■■■■ supporters

If you have spent any time in WA you will know. West Coast supporters are easily the most abhorrent fan base in the AFL. Freo supporters, although they can be a bit feral, are generally ok. They Remind me a bit of long suffering St. Kilda supporters, you sort of don’t begrudge them when they have any sort of success, and when they have a win they are just so happy they don’t have time to bag the other team. West Coast fans on the other hand are just arrogant, ignorant tossers, many of who no sweet FA about football and just barrack for the eagles coz all there friends do.


I reckon West Coast supporters are generally pretty well informed these days however, their reputation from earlier times was well earned. Most WAFL supporters had an affiliation to a VFL side before West Coast’s inclusion and didn’t want a bar of this new side, even though it was from here. Due to financial imperatives, the owners of West Coast had to sell memberships to someone so began to market the club to a non-wafl going audience. WA was booming at the time and the state was emerging from its slumber and people were into new experiences and had money in their pockets. By the time ‘footy’ supporters started to embrace the new club, most of the memberships had been taken up by ‘Chardonnay’ types who weren’t really into football as such, rather into the social aspect of going to the football. It’s taken a long time to weed them out but West Coast supporters are now at least as biased and one eyed as everyone else.


I read that as “all west coast supporters are c*nts”


Well, you read it correctly.

Hang on, without reading the article weren’t they initially gifted a virtual state team in the early years?


You should read the article.

I personally know 5 Eagles supporters (they’re pretty rare up this way). All 5 are fuckwits when it comes to footy.

Make of that what you will…


From memory, there was a moratorium on Victorian clubs signing WA based players for the year before West Coast came in.

They also received “pre-draft selections” in the early years that got them the likes of Don Pyke, Peter Sumich, Craig Turley, Glen Jakovich, Jason Ball and Ryan Turnbull.

Of all the expansion clubs, I would say that they easily got the best deal.


By moratorium do you mean free for all? The WAFL was cleaned out in 1986. The only reason any players ended up at West Coast was because VFL sides didn’t want them.

Felt like the article just stopped. So once Cook and Malthouse were appointed everything became awesome.

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