A-League 2018/2019


Love to pull a good Essington for the first month of the season.


That’s Melbourne Heart.


Always going to happen with the amount of squad turnover.


they’re normally predictable.

When they’ve started ■■■■ they’ve kept it up.

When they’ve started well they’ve been good (last year and the year before)


Why is such a small competition like the a-league suddenly adhering to a bye for Internationals week?


Well Australia has two friendly matches organised for the next week - Makes perfect sense.


Makes sense to me.

I would have thought that most of the players selected to play for Australia in non-tournament time are from the A-League or in Asian comps. You see some A-League sides are gutted by losing their Australian internationals.


Yeah very very strange. The competition is struggling as it is, having a weekend break is the last thing it needs.


Went up to Sydney Sunday, that stadium was mint SFC should ditch allianz and just play there.

Also, smoke my pole sydney.


brilliant ball movement by victory.


WSW are proper bad. Really disappointing what has happened to them.

We looked good, I said after our first goal we could put 6 past them tonight. In the end, we really should have


Agree with all of that.

WSW are the terrible and if it wasn’t for the 7 shades of ■■■■ that CCM are they’d be the worst team in the league


Absolutely played United off the park in the second half, didn’t look like losing after we went 1-0 up.

What is the song that the Ola chant is done to? On the tip of my tongue


Yeah we dominated for long parts but just don’t have the firepower. We just don’t have the funds to compete with the bigger clubs which leaves us trying to find some diamonds in the rough. Every now and then it will come to fruition


Feeling hot hot hot


Yep, that’s it. Thanks Koala!!!

Ola ooola
Ola ooola


You have an easy 3 points coming up against us. We promise so much but deliver so little…incredibly frustrating but entirely predictable


We are pretty tight at the back but just don’t have someone who can bang them in. We create plenty of chances but don’t get any reward for it.


You definitely won’t concede that’s for sure. We can barely get any attacking play together let alone take a chance


Double post