A-League 2018/2019


VAR is great if used properly.

What annoys me most about the game in general still is that keepers get breathed on and it’s a foul yet they can come out, get nowhere near the ball and kill a player and it’s all fine aswell.


We (pshould of received a pen for a foul in the box, nothing. Probably payback for last week.

Then I saw the Sydney one…that was absolutely awful. Actually awful doesn’t even do it justice.


Well ■■■■


Melbourne victory need an out an out striker or they won’t be defending there title this year.
They should throw the kitchen sink at JAMIE MCLAREN he is a Melbourne boy and get him to come home


We’ve got one in Toivenen.

He’s injured

Also we went very hard after Jmac. Hia current club played hardball


Cracking game and United lift the FFA Cup again!
Nights like tonight remind me why I love Hindmarsh stadium so much. The stadium was electric on a nice balmy night


City looked utter gash tonight against a side who played a Cup Final only 3 days ago


Yeah that was city being utter garbage more than SFC playing well


City played their GF 2 weeks ago. That’s all they are good for


Sad but true. Our GF is the derby.

Doesn’t help that we have a manager who has focused so much on defence that we have no clear way of attacking.

Also doesn’t help that apart from Bruno we have no other backup striker in the squad. The squad is massively unbalanced


As an outsider you seem to have a few too many of the same type. Thought your gaffer got his tactics wrong right from the outset. Sydney had came off a very fast paced and frantic Cup final on the road only 3 days earlier and then flew home to Sydney Wednesday morning for recovery and then flew to Melbourne on Friday and players would have been jaded and sore. You guys should have pushed the tempo and they may have broke but instead you sat back and let them knock it around and play to their strengths.


Yep. Agree 100%.

We have so many defensively minded mids, but not one outright playmaker through the middle.

As you said Sydney played mid week, we should of attacked them from the outset but chose to sit back and let them dictate the game. It was over from that moment


Can’t away with the points in Newcastle, happy with that. Again, game of 2 halves


City are basically the North Melbourne of the A League. Play their grand final against Victory and think there’s this huge rivalry just like north supporters think when they play Essendon, meanwhile victory supporters like Essendon supporters don’t even notice that they City/north excist


Back to back braces for Goodwin. Pretty decent run of form


Chris Beath you are a cheating piece of ■■■■■


He is a shocker. And he is the best one apparently, he is ■■■■■■■ ■■■■. He was in control of the ridiculous one in the Sydney derby. Somehow called a foul


I’m up that end and it was so clear that the handball was a foot inside the box yet that blind crook still only awards a free kick


I have an acquaintance who supports both city and north. The double whammy!


Best display in a while from MV last night. Perfect run of form going into the FIFA break