A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


And for a guy that’s cashed up it looks like he’s a teenager wearing his dads hand me down suit and shirt. Both several sizes too big.


Makes his phone easier to reach when needing to get his dealer on the line quick smart.


Yeah he’s stacked on a bit of weight. Evolving into vlads final form.


Massive (but true?) generalisation: all people who wear bright blue suits are wankers


so how many do you have?


One of those blue tooth, ear things would suit him perfectly.


If only he was bald


Good old Chompers came into my workplace a few years ago and was carrying on since he expected people to recognise him. Absolute flog.


Jenny Craig?
Erectile disfunction clinic?


Fluorescent Teeth Inc. ?




Dear tony



He’s probably been told he’s not going well in the neckbeard demographic


I think homeless winos may be offended by that comparison, TBH. :wink:




Tony Jones is chompers.



Great too see Scoop get the ■■■■ from 7, can’t stand the Carlton flog.


I know, lets give ourselves nicknames


JLT sells insurance. I had to look it up. The marketing bang for their $$$$$$ is largely wasted due to omitting the word “insurance” from the naming rights. What benefit in terms of brand recognition do they get if most people still have no farking idea what they sell?