A quiet place to grieve

The five stages of grieving are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Sadly many of the posters in the review thread(s) can’t seem to get beyond anger. I had such high hopes for this season. I’d hoped to finally enjoy some great footy, show my son what a strong Bomber outfit looks like and maybe win a final. Instead I find myself watching the game in snippets between double face-palms.

The overwhelming emotion for me is sadness. I love the players and I know they must be incredibly frustrated. I’m no more angry at them than I’d be angry at a child who is trying to do his homework and just can’t get it right.

I love the club and I understand that the coaching staff will be doing everything in their power to rectify the problems. They’re making mistakes, I believe, but these are honest mistakes caused by people who are working hard to act in the best interests of the club.

There’s always a plus side. The Mozzie story, for example, and the form of his VFL teammates. The signs of improvement in the third quarter. The courage shown by Heppell to take that phenomenal grab in the last quarter. The fact that the likes of Walla, Zerrett and Razz are surely too talented not to pick up their game soon. But right now we’re 17th on the ladder and it feels one higher than we deserve.

If you haven’t moved beyond anger, this is not your thread. Maybe let the grown-ups talk for a while.


I’m already at acceptance.
Nobody died.
We have a ■■■■ coach.

You can’t bring someone back from the dead.
You can replace your coach.


I’m at bargaining.

Jake Long and a 3rd rounder for Cripps and we’re looking at a premiership next year.


Yet still I sense anger in you, grasshopper.


Does that mean we get hold on to Dyson?

I’m actually at two games into the season. Let that sink in. 2 games.

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Im at acceptance. I’m actually numb to ir now.

I sat there during the first qtr, knew essington had turned up and pretty much was like , oh well what can you do.

If i xould have , id have left at qtr time.


I’m at relief that my upcoming 2 month trip without internet reception is happening at the best possible time…


I’m pretty much at depression stage. This is ■■■■. I’m just finding it hard to comprehend how since 2017 our list has got better each off-season and we have gone backwards. Why are we the most disorganised, least prepared, most unfit side in the competition? What is with Worsfold? How can he preside over this mess? He was one of the toughest players I’ve seen play the game yet the team he coaches exhibits none of those traits. ■■■■ I wish I knew exactly what was wrong with this team and the club in general rather than all the rumour and innuendo we read in the papers or hear in places like this…


I’m at depression.

My wife and a lot of my close mates are pies supporters and I see the laughing and cheering De Goey.

While I am watching our players sprint off the ground with the ball 20cm away from them.




That really does kind of hurt.
I don’t even hate Collingwood anymore.
Don’t worry, I still hate lots of other teams, but I watch Collingwood and it’s like, ‘good for you. Why can’t we have some of that?’


You’re sick. :wink:

I’m at acceptance. I’m even able to chuckle at the memes about us.


It’s hugely depressing.

However on a lighter note, my little fella is 3 1/2. I took him to a couple of games last year (just a half), and he wants to go more this year.

He doesn’t care about the actual game, obviously, he had no idea what’s going on and couldn’t care less. He just wants to yell GO BOMBERS and eat hot chips (mainly the hot chips).

I think this year I’ll just try to enjoy it from that perspective and try to not care about the result.


Oh, don’t worry, I still want any other of sixteen teams to beat them in a grand final.
But I don’t resent them having a good team at all.


i’m at acceptance. was hoping might of seen a strong essendon side over the next 2 yrs but thats life. there is still the vfl on radio djr


Lucky kid.
We could be world-beaters in five years and he wouldn’t know any different.

Man, that’s nasty.

We only went to two games last year, and only for a half. One was the Collingwood game where we tragically got beat, I listened to the end of that on the Eastern freeway cursing while he was conked out in the back of the car.

The other was the late season Hawthorn game where we also tragically got beat. That one didn’t bother me so much because I didn’t see the last quarter - we spent the quarter looking out the back windows of the Ponsford stand because he wanted to watch the trains and trams go past. I have to admit that it was quite liberating. I anticipate more of that sort of action this year.