A thread about rain and no other things



Colour change.
Back on the b’s.


Gonna water these poor bugger plants now it won’t burn ‘em, too.


It is trying so hard to rain in Thornbury but still not enough to wet a sheet a paper.


Oh yes, I have an extractor fan, from when the combo oven was installed, probably should of turned it on. Not sure it would work as well as the air vent though;


Well off to the beer thread and I need a bigger freezer :joy:


My (big) garden is amazingly self-sufficient.
But it could use just a little drink tonight.

Oh, this is lovely now.


I’ve watched that documentary.


Not only should you, but sans pants.
You won’t regret it.


It’s 43 here in Bendigo, cool change not due til about 10pm.

Late night walk for my dog to night.


If I didn’t know better, this sounds like a very sad justification for drinking a slab by yourself, outside.


Well, … I just learnt a new word from this hot spell today.


Every Cloud eh?


Its just across the road side alley one gate:joy:


Hasn’t reached my Son in Barmah yet either, … poor buggers, both of you, … :hushed:

Can’t be far off now, surely. :crossed_fingers:


You know @wimmera1 has dibs on that word right? Used it multiple times.


I didn’t realise he invented words and/or wrote dictionaries, …

Thanks for the heads up. :+1:


You’re always here and he’s used that word a couple of times now - sufficient for even my shocking memory. Therefore honestly surprised it’s a new word for you and that you don’t remember him using. I had never heard of the word until he used it just recently.


Some funny tweets on the cool change # …


He might have mentioned it in a player or Worsfold thread?? :thinking:










There’s a couple of errors here.
I’ll list them in order of importance.

  1. You assume I need an excuse.
  2. You assume that it’s sad. I’m quite content, thank you so much for asking.
  3. It’s a long time since I could roll a slab.