A thread about rain and no other things


Are you a wog?


Lol. No. Just the poor ■■■■■■■ that does the washing.


Avalon down from 45.8 to 24.7 in 47 minutes.

Not raining, though.


Wow! massive drop.

We’ve hit 45 here.


Change has just hit us here 5 mins ago.

Dropped 10 degrees to 32 in 5 mins as we drove back, and still dropping.


A lot of cloud coverage blowing in. Rain radar is showing tiny patches of rain.


Trying to find the Sun thread!


Curious too!


The cool change has well and truly hit M-Bark.
It’s dropped from 109 to 108.


Still 108!
Where do you live, friggin’ Edenhope?
Where’s my cool change?


The blessings of Coastal life mate (In Summer at least).

Don’t want to rub it in,… but down to 25.1 now,




105 now.
Swear I can feel every tick.

Edit: Temperature shouldn’t be exponential, should it?


Gone from 45 to 45 here.


Those Fujitsus must be working overtime for you blokes!!

This might help you both hang in there …



93 now.
I wouldn’t call it dramatic.


I’m tipping you’ve got a very old Thermometer at your joint eh? :laughing:


30 down here but feels like 40 WA, could have something to do with bottling homebrew in the garage under a tin roof with minimal insulation.

Interesting fact it was 10 degrees this morning in Perth WA.

Neighbours are away and have a pool, hmm should I :joy:


Had similar issues in my shed.

Put some of these babies in, … you won’t be sorry.


Hot is Fahrenheit.
Cold is Celsius.

  1. Feels like friggin 70 after that rubbish.