A thread about rain and no other things


Sorry to hear that about your beloved pet, DJR.


Massive lightning threatening rain in Bright this morning. Fortunately tent packed into the car approximately 3 minutes before all h*ll broke loose #rain


You don’t need to hashtag rain when you’re posting in the rain thread because all the posts are about ONLY rain


35 and beautiful blue skies here.



Unlucky @JohnRain


Pouring down here, you little beauty. Been stinkingly humid all day.


Bega? We’re just down the road from you. Unusually cloudy and rainy for this time of year?


Rain. There hasn’t been nearly enough of it in Melbourne recently. We’ve had the grand total of 1.8 mm so far in January. The monthly average is 47 so we have a lot of catching up to do.


Training in the rain…does that improve our shithouse performances against Carlflog and Melbong?
Would we open the flood gates and rain some goals down?


Raining in Newport, about to hit the city.


41 here.
WTF is rain?


Did rain here in CBD, but its gone now. Roads just slippery enough to cause accidents.


Glad I chucked the sprinklers on this morning before checking the radar.


cmon rain, i need you.


I only copped the edge unfortunately.


Kinda busy at the moment. Will get back to you. :grin:


you monster!


Raining in CBD, makes a great sound on the windows.


Raining. Fairly hard.