A Whinge About Whingeing

Let me start by saying that I am sick and tired of all the new (and old) negative threads about the team, the club, the coaches and the stray dog that just happened to walk past the hangar one day.

I understand that people are bitterly disappointed with the performances of the team this year, but we (Blitz) have turned into everything we used to despise about Fark Carlton and Ninthmond supporters.

I remember the laughs generated when Carltank would put in another of their shockers…we would laugh at the vitriol of the mob on Talking Carlton as they tore shreds off every part of their team and club.

We laughed at Richmond supporters burning their membership cards (and who can forget the load of dung dropped at their front door)

And now we are in a similar place and we are clearly no better than them.

We seem to live in a fantasy world where Essendon should always be at the top, always perfect, always winning and just cannot handle the honest fact that we are a rather ordinary team with a heap of youngsters coming through, injury prone older players and performances that just aren’t up to AFL standard.

Calls to review the board, review the club, review the coaching staff, drop all the older players and just play kids…these are all the responses of people who have bagged other clubs for sacking players and coaches…and yet there’s at least one thread running around calling for Ben Rutten’s head.

Instant gratification seems to be the name of the game now…fellow Blitzers have called for a rebuild and yet so many on here cannot see that this does not happen overnight.

In the likes of Ridley, Redman, Caldwell, Perkins, Cox, Reid, Jones, Martin, Durham, Hobbs, Baldwin and Wanganeen we have the makings of a core that can develop together into a finals playing (and hopefully premiership winning) team.

But those kids need a constant message (so back the coach in) and older heads to help them learn how to play the game (so back the players as well)

Get frustrated, objectively critique the team’s performance(s), be disappointed but give up on the constant subjective carping and support the team/club that we all love.

And FFS, no more damn new threads calling for heads, change etc


Take this thread and shove it where the sun don’t shine


An expected response :wink:


The club is in a way worse spot than either Richmond or Carlton were


Jam it.


How so…Richmond did SFA for 35 years…Carlton last won a flag in 1995


I understand where you’re coming from, however I don’t blame the fans for the way in which we feel. The past 20 years have come with so many false dawns, lack of success and a drugs saga to top it off. We’ve gone from a great club, to a laughing stock. That for me is very hard to stomach


I’m trying to think of something positive to say about the club.

Ummmm… Oh!! I know!!

No club has made more money over the past 10 years, by doing less than us.

That’s something.


Stop whinging and continue watching the administration turn our club turn into St. Kilda or Melbourne (before Goodwin).

The club that we grew up with, no longer exists… so deal with it and be happy.

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This isn’t in your top echelon of posts.

The club is proper ■■■■■■.

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For 35 years I have always been positive about the club even during the saga. In 9 weeks they have turned me into a negative whinger. Tonight has taken the cake. They can get stuffed.


Me too, this season has really drained me and I’ve finally had enough.


Definitely not.

Sometimes? Yeah that would be nice though hey.

Many of us have very little memory of us ever achieving ANYTHING and we see those in control of the club make mistake after mistake and get rewarded for it?

C’mon man. Wake up.


Mods please gurge this thread.



Not at all but is it too much to ask just to win 1 friggin final in 21 years?
Nearly every club in the comp has peaked, bottomed out and peaked again whilst we are swinging our Cox in the breeze


I am awake…I’ve been through this before…I was a regular on the terraces at Windy Hill back in the 70s where we made finals three times for zero wins (sound familiar).

I completely agree that the performances this year have been appalling, made worse by the fact that the latter half of last year raised my expectations only for them to be smashed in round 1.

I’m pis*ed off, angry with what’s happening but have just had a gutful of the whingeing and whining that permeates this place these days.

And I don’t believe that anything in my original post is either wrong or unreasonable.


Don’t like the adult discussion?

I don’t disagree with anything you’ve written…I’m just sick of the constant whingeing


Take a break from us then rather than asking the while forum to change for you.