A Whinge About Whingeing

Agree. I would stay off Blitz for a while.

It ain’t gonna get any better than this.

It’s gonna get much worse.

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Last time I looked, the forum was designed for discussion.

That’s what I’m doing here.

And you’ll note that I rarely post in the football related threads these days so, in that sense, I do take a break.

PS: And I’m not asking the whole forum to change for me…I’m raising an issue that irks me


Creating a thread to sook about how much we sook isn’t really a discussion

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I have never rubbed it in to supporters of other clubs when we have been winning ( on the tomorrow’s feather duster principle ) but one night, well before their last premiership, a Doggie friend lashed out , said she hated Essendon supporters the most because we were smug and arrogant and felt entitled, always boasting about our premierships.
Embarrassed silence at the dinner table.
But yes, I do think we should have been better this year.


Then what is this interaction that we are having called?

An unfortunate discourse.

Are you fkn kidding me

Nobody is expecting us to be be perfect but we have been absolute dog sht for nearly two decades now. Surely we are entitled to expect more than that!




formaluk /ˈdɪs.kɔːs/ us /ˈdɪs.kɔːrs/

[ U ]

communication in speech or writing

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I’m trying to think what @swoodley wants us to be talking about.

“Hey guys, aren’t things great. I really enjoy losing every week.”


So you have your own whinge which you had to know would illicit the same responses you are whinging about. Not very well thought out.

He’s right that the team is very young and we can’t expect them to be world beaters yet. I agree with that, I didn’t think we would have a good year this year for that reason.

But we can expect them to chase and tackle and try hard and not go backwards. Surely!

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It’s not just a this year thing. The predicament the club is in is just the latest incarnation of something that has been going on for a decade or more. THAT’S the issue.
We haven’t won a final let alone a premiership in 18 years.

I disagree…I raised an issue that I feel strongly about.

I believe it was quite well thought out…It wasn’t a rant based on a heat of the moment reaction.


Yes we can, and complaining about that is quite objective imo.

It’s the calls for unlikely and unreasonable responses that irks me.

I used to be really positive about the club. So much so, I was pro-Knights. I always believed it would turn.

The 2014 elimination final against North broke me that night. I’ve been filthy on the club ever since. Dealing with the Saga, then losing that final. I turned. I woke up. And lashed out at the players and club for the first time.


Sorry, you come across like a tit saying that we always expect to be at the top and winning and talk about us like we need instant gratification when it’s been not 4 or 5 years without success not 10 years, but nearly two decades.

And that’s not even talking about winning an actual flag but just literally any form of success by way of a final. For our team to at least take us on a journey during September. To make us proud as supporters in the way we play and the way we conduct ourselves.

Me love club.
Me love truck.
Me love Xavier.
Me love Brasher.
Essendon kick goal.
Goal is good.


Also, anyone who is 30 or older, really needs to shut their mouth, when it comes to telling younger supporters how to feel about the situation.



Do “we”?

I’m wondering where that comes from? Where have you been hiding the last 18 YEARS

I always laugh when we hear older supporters say “the 70’s were worse”.

Did the 70’s run for 20 years?