Adelaide v Essendon 19th July Tickets - and discussion for those attending

I was planning to go to Adelaide next Friday to see Adel v Ess and have 2 concession tickets.
Unfortunately we can’t make it due to family reasons so I want to onsell the tickets.
I would like to regain my purchase price of $95 each but I will consider offers.
The tickets are eTickets .pdf format. Section S331 Row D seats 16 & 17
Message me with any questions etc.

Thanks to the moderators for allowing this thread.


As much as I would love to I have plans for Nics birthday. There is a reasonable chance we might be back in September and I will say yes to that already!

First Adelaide Oval game for me — front row bay 147, near the point post next to our cheer squad.

Well make sure you keep it down, or we won’t hear the cheer squad over your ravings.

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Bring a raincoat because there is a fair chance you may get soaked. Some big rain coming Saturday but may arrive earlier

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Ha, good thing I depart Adelaide at 6am Saturday then :slight_smile:

Off to VFLW at Windy Hill at midday?

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ADL is the least weather affected airport in the country so you should be safe to depart on time

No, Uluru-bound by land, and then flying to Gold Coast for the next game!

@Hoffy is calling the next two games. Right, Hoffy?

(There is a very significant chance that the girls will take their all-time win tally from 3 to 5 while I’m away! I guess they don’t need my attendance to win any more.)


I’m in an Adelaide box for work. Looking forward to it!

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Yep, the plan is to be around for the Darebin game next week, then Willy.

BUT, if people are expecting @theDJR level of reporting, they are going to be sadly disappointed.

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Just dress up as Captain Picard, talk about HOT CHIPS then fire up your mountain bike with the turbo spoke and you will fill the void.


Hot chips is about as far as I will go.

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You will be very much in the open air in bay 147 (we were there last v PA, 5 rows back) whereas the tickets I have for whoever takes them are undercover (pretty sure about that).

Got a boomerang?

Nope, but I’m quite handy with a umbrella.


You’re gonna need more than an umbrella at Willy…

Hopefully it won’t hail and stop play like last year!

I’m thinking full wet weather blizzard gear, might be the way to go.

Friday 19th Adelaide. 17°C down to 8°C; 10% chance of rain. Looking good for you!