Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000 (Part 2)

If Rosa does the opposite of everything Dodoro teaches him we are in good hands


Jack Whitlock is the perfect Dodoro pick this years ND.

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There is this thread.

Most of the discussion is less combative and more about what we think we need and towards the end of the year who should be delisted.
Only times that it goes into a Dodoro hemisphere is at the extreme emotional times (i.e. loss to GWS last year, when Rotten was sacked, etc).


And some of us trying and point those posts back to this thread.

You said “Mcgrath as a number 1 selection should be the type of player we try to build a team/midfield around”. Pointing out plenty of #1 picks never reach that level, and only a handful of players (none taken top 10) would reach that level in the entire 2016 draft in my view shows this is a very flawed statement. How else was that statement to be interpreted?

And yes, I avoided this thread for a good 18-24 months. Because it becomes quickly exhausting and time-consuming arguing my views. Most of the arguments are repeats of what has come before.

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It’s good to see you back. It’s good to see there’s a few countering opinions to the general narrative on Essendon’s list management performance.

We might be cultists, but who cares. The signs of a stable club for the first time in 17 years, results on field taking shape following sn external review and better resourcing of footy dept might mean we will be vindicated in our beliefs in the end.

We aren’t there yet. I still think the list has lots of necessary growth ahead but it’s very promising without a doubt.

Once Reid and Ridley slot in, they find / develop another small forward and see another preseason or two into Cox, Jones, Perkins, Durham, Martin et all, the futures looking promising.

Fingers crossed they fix fitness and conditioning and get them training, playing and developing.



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Ants is like the AFL umpires boss after a weekend of Umpiring howlers………who comes in and says that ‘all decisions are technically correct’, even when blind Freddy knows they’re wrong.


Its pretty simple. Every single bit of credit you give dodo for us being (hopefully) 2nd after 10 rounds of 1 single season is the exact same level of responsibility you should give him for the previous 22 years of NOT being in as good a position at this stage of a season. Does anyone actually believe we suddenly developed every player on the list only this year? Did we find that missing culture only in the last few weeks? If we ultimately slide late in the year & miss or lose an elimination final again does that mean we actually didn’t develop the players? At least chose a consistent position.

IF this list goes on to maintain a high ladder position & make then win finals it will absolutely only be possible because the list management has been good enough to give us the players to make that happen. You either, like me, believe list management is critical to success or you are a person who shifts all blame to development, culture & coaching. Those same people should attribute no credit to dodo for our current ladder position or any future success. He simply can’t be praised for success if he’s not equally responsible for failures.

Again my position is crystal clear. For EFC to have success at any point in the future the list management decisions have to culminate in a strong list being assembled. I don’t believe we have had that list at any point of the last 20 odd years & every shred of evidence available only supports that. Our list management has been poor end of story. There is nothing at all to remotely support the fantasy that we’ve had great quality lists each & every year but every single development coach we’ve had have been completely hopeless. There’s zero logic to the idea that we lost our club’s culture & it just happened to coincide with dodo being appointed. Development & culture are the sharp end of the stick, recruiting is the stick.


Not at all.

That’s because the List team imo couldn’t effectively build lists during years of chaos, crisis, instability, lack of football department resources and a dysfunctional fitness regime that all impacted the conditioning, development and focus of the players the last 15+ years. I don’t know why I keep repeating myself.

You just don’t agree which is all good.

But in the end I believe we will see for the first time in years a successful list build culminating in on field success thanks in large part to a newfound and refocused club, adequately resourcing key areas of its footy dept, with a much more targeted and focussed development coaching group.

This, with signs of breaking the cycle of injury and poor conditioning, a dedicated group ramping up standards in the off season (Arizona) the results are starting to materialise. Young players are developing because they aren’t injured. Funny that!

I think next year and beyond shape as good years if, and only if, these parameters of success are maintained and built further.

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