Ads on Discourse Blitz

Looks butt plug-y

What is bing?

Ned Ryerson?

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LOL. Couldn’t quite get it on one shot but the CEO thread may have broken Google ads.


Don’t think wife would love being shot


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Kochie’s already been given the Chaminda…

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What the fark are those things?

Surely I’m not the only one who sees something dirty?


It’s a mandrill bottom for dress ups and some butt plugs.

Or that’s what I thought it was when I ordered them.


Who is paying money for me to see a badly photo shopped image of Koch head being arrested?


Wait. The ads aren’t real?

I’ve been pouring coke down the toilet and putting dishwasher tablets in my petrol tank.

I’ve been trying to block ads by poking a toothpick in the microphone holes…

Edit: Doctors hate me! But that’s not actually related.

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The ads have moved from Kochie to Richard Wilkins. Who is googling anything that could result in Richard Wilkins?

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Dunno but I walked out the door of a building in Sydney last week and nearly collided with the man himself.

I’ll admit I looked around for the cops.

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If we can get the most inoffensive swear words off here surely we can get Ruasian ads ??? @Riolio

Here it is…
Most bizarre use of a TV person ever.
I mean, there is nothing even vaguely devastating about that prịck of an individual’s career ending.

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This one was great, it’s videos of people toasters and ovens catching fire as the try to not die or have their entire house burn down.

I can get around this.

What do you think,@Koala ?

bits of that reminded me of the childrens party Game of Thrones video