AFL 23 on Xbox/PS/PC

It was released this week. Has anyone played this? Keen to give it a try, but almost always disappointed by these offerings. It’s a complicated game to translate into a gaming experience.

Also, I see you can buy copies for Xbox from retailers, but it’s not available for download in the Xbox store. Do they typically stagger releases like this and should I expect it to be available for download soon? Would prefer a digital rather than physical copy.

Just checked PS4 store. Not released

ALESSIO, taps the ball down… To… MISITI… MISITI, kicks the cover off the ball… To… LLOYD. LLOYD, kicks the cover off the ball. Straight through the middle, as he kicks…another goal.


Dennis Commetti: “What’s your dip Dermott?”
Dermie: “I think… THE BOMBERS… will win.”
Dennis: “I disagree. I’m tipping… ESSENDON.”


Best AFL game was afl98

I do love playing these games, putting it on the easiest setting and absolutely demolishing Carlton


No matter how far the technology progresses, nobody can seem to replicate the game play as well as…


Yeah the EA Sports games (AFL97-99) were very good. The gameplay was slick and IMO superior to what Big Ant Studios have been putting out. I see that PS5 are easier to buy now, so I’ll probably get one of those and get the AFL game. I wish they had a Nintendo Switch version of the game, that’s the only gaming console I have at the minute…

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Those sort of graphics remind me of super international cricket on Super Nintendo

What a game that was


Releases on May the 4th

Has been delayed for some reason.

I might get it, im sure there will be a good write up on it the first week its released.

Still waiting on a ps5 slim to come out.

Sold me ps4 a few months ago and have been on a gaming hiatus

The most recent ones have been Wicked Witch, not Big Ant.

Big Ant did the original PS3/Xbox 360 game then lost the contract. And now have it back for this upcoming version.

But those EA games were great.

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If their previous releases are anything to go by, wait a month or so post release to get all the patches before playing it. Often the gameplay patches are really significant.

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until someone half decent makes the game, it will be sh*t and not worth buying

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Like randomly putting Conor McKenna in the ruck when you have Draper and Bellchambers in the team.

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I think I’ll pass

Very sad. We deserve a half decent game.

I gave it a play this arvo. It needs some work but I think it could be alright.

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The perfect AFL game


Yeah I reckon it’ll end up being a half decent AFL game in about a month, once they’ve patched up all the glitches.

Off to an embarrassing start though, it clearly just wasn’t ready for release.