AFL 23 on Xbox/PS/PC

I’m the herbatron thread he gives it a fair clip.

Embarrassing ‘quality’

We will never get it though. Just too small a market and the game of AFL is too complex to replicate.

Would never get an EA or 2K level company to make the game.

Instead we get the wannabe Big Ant studios


Yeah but it can be better than what they have served up

Based on that, all game developers can.

There isn’t a single game that isn’t launched that needs updates on day 1.

They dont have the budget and resources that a bigger developer has at their disposal.

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Despite the size of the market, they should have simple game mechanics right on launch. AFL releases from 30 years ago were able to do that.


Well if youtube/twitter is to be believed, they let people play it a week before release and it wasnt a mess.

Either the influencers they chose lied or they have terrible version/quality control and released the wrong build.

They would never do that

Would you lie to a bunch of people you don’t know if you were given a free $80 game?

I’m just glad they got Brad Scott’s likeness so spot on.


And the guy holding the whiteboard must wear a size 20imch pants. Very svelt

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They got Joes skill set right.

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These games will never be successful because of the market and the amount of resources needed to create such a new game.
We get a new game release every 2 or 3 years? And it’s usually a different developer creating it. So they pretty much start from scratch on every release.

It’s not like the EA sports brands or 2K brands that can use the last year’s model engine and keep building on it.

If I were them…
I’d ignore console games all together and try and create a mobile game. Where the graphics don’t need to be so ‘perfect’ and you can play around a bit with the looks.
The best gameplay is that one that was released in the 80s or 90s (Out of Bound, On The Full), but you can’t release that on console because it just doesn’t stack up to the other games available.
It can be like that though on mobile (whether tablet or phone).

Even just a cheap version of the NBA eras mode where you start with a team, go through the draft, you are the coach, but it auto plays. And you just switch players to the bench when you want, drop players to VFL, etc.
Sort of like the old Tom Landry Football Strategy game.

It doesn’t need to be graphically great. Replicate the gameplay and enjoyment we get as fans watching the game.

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I want this game to be half decent so bad.

Will play in 6 months time

Bring in AFL team manager. There was one on Google Play. Hasnt been updated in years! Drafted and traded a super team lmao. Was awesome.

Ended up dominating for 10 in game years


When you see the quality of indie games being developed on shoestring budgets, I can’t accept this argument anymore.

Big ant is just a bargain basement developer who makes bargain basement games. Even the gameplay in AFL live 2004 is more fluid

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Can you provide an ‘indie’ sports game example that is available on PS4 and Xbox?
With this game, like it or not, they re competing with EA Sports. It’s in the same genre of gameplay and features. The market and resources are nowhere near similar.

They need to shift to a ‘low fi’ version of it and improve it every year.
The gaps between releases is not helping them at all.


AFL premiership coach 2011 on PC was awesome.

I’d just sim full seasons so I could do the draft and trading stuff.

And Gumby was a superstar on that one :frowning:

It’s awesome from a nostalgia perspective but it’s pretty crap. Wasn’t the console game on PS4 released 5-10 years ago pretty good?

In all fairness they probably didn’t know who the coach was gonna be when developing the game lol.

They rushed it out, it’s a cashflow thing. It is despicable and does long term damage to the brand, but bigger studios have shat out plenty of guff, such as Fallout 76 etc.