Afl announcement at 10 oclock

Rumoured to be ad announcing his future??

AD stepping down

we can hope but I doubt it 

I just hope it’s not bad news for our club

AD stepping down

He shouldn't be allowed too. He should be publicly and humiliatingly frog matched from his office.

Essendon fridge stocked with champagne right now.

All over Neil Mitchells program.


Oh happy days.

Finish your press conference and fark off.

Well if it's on 3AW's rumour file, it's pretty much true.


At least 12 months overdue.  Perhaps now the leaks will stop.

At the end of the season according to Smithers

At seasons end?  



At the end of the season according to Smithers

So he retired 3 years ago??

He is just jealous he didn’t get given any AOD9604…

Nahh in all seriousness fark off you corrupt flog.

Is he going to his grave yet?

Demetriou said when he visited the club: The AFL and the Essendon Football Club want to move forward and to work together. Our view is … we want Essendon to succeed. We will do everything we can do to help the [club].


So helps the club by resigning.

Inherited the game from Wayne Jackson.


Can anyone name ONE thing he's done that he could say was his positive stamp on the game?

It's easy to name the negative

Hundreds of rule changes

Bagging coaches for their game style (which won premierships)

The destruction of the game's reputation as a clean sport, basically so he could clear his own name.


TV rights?

I think you could argue Channel 9 had significantly more to do with the price that Vlad.

Gee Ay Double You En.