AFL boys supporting the VFL boys


andrew mcgrath wanted to go on, but wasn’t allowed due to strictly enforced height restrictions.


After the boys got to the Ferris Wheel all hell broke lose when it was closed down and woosha didn’t have a plan b


Massive delay on the roller coaster as Hooker and Hurly couldn’t decide whether to ride forward or back.


Massive delays at “the giant drop” as franga tells the carney to stop the ride at the height of his mark vs port only to find it doesnt go high enough


They got held up cause they couldn’t get Zakka out of the hall of mirrors.


The boys still take a cut out of Stanton with them. Poor lad never went on an end of season trip as he was scared of flying.


Lol best one yet


The entire group was barred from the ghost house when Tbell decided to try and fight the ghouls after they scared Jerrett


They got held up waiting for Myers because he was trying to protect the kids.


A dejected franga went back to the hotel beacuse you know direct sunlight and all


A nice peaceful ride on the Merry-Go-Round was ruined by when an irate @conjunctivitus question their loyalty to the VFL team who could only afford the end of season trip to Barwon heads


Kyle arriving at Disneyland

Kyle after riding the roller coaster

Kyle after Haunted House

Kyle after Ferris Wheel

Kyle leaving Disneyland


Looks too happy to be THE


I want the AFL boys as far away from the VFL as possible because of all the SHISHA billowing from the interchange area


Mark neeld organised the end of season trip…the boys are currently being held captive by ISIS. Neeld commented that his job was complete


Begley not released from House of Horrors after being accused of stealing a mask.


I heard they actually went overseas because they are jealous and cant stand seeing the VFL team doing better than them. Like seeing your ex get with some hotter dude with a bigger ■■■■ while youre at home hate eating the ■■■■ out a microwave pizza.


This is a confusing metaphor. I’d be happier with the pizza.


Metaphors have never been my strong suit. But I do try.


Perfectly fulfilling the amusement park metaphor… this thread has gone completely off the rails.