AFL boys supporting the VFL boys


BJ driving Pidge, Guelfi and Parish to the Airport.

Pidge, Guelfi and Parish play fighting in the back

BJ: “If you kids can’t keep your hands to your selves im going to turn turn this car around and they’ll be no overseas trip for anybody”

Stringer, Saad and Smith drive by and Stringer slaps BJ in the back of the head



last line got a chortle


Had conjunctivitis posted since their op?


What’s that got to do with amusement parks or beaches?


About as much as football with the nuggets thread


Nuggs on the beach!


Is it true that during the 90s there was a colonel inside Subiaco?


R.I.P. conjunctivitus, I hope you’ve gone to a better place.


@Bomb_Doe you know you want to edit that


Like they want success rubbed in their faces.



Before and after 4 years at the club. :joy:


Essington, not even once.


This has gone off chops :slight_smile:


I heard Hooker went to the zoo and beat his chest like a ■■■■■■■ ape!

The apes were jealous.


I’m glad you’re still posting. :grinning:


This needs more than 5 likes


I would have thought the apes would have gently applauded whilst sipping a nice shiraz.


Imagine if PP2 had of attached a cartoon to it. :wink:



Trav Colyer tripping over at the critical moment again!