AFL Cheating Rascals

AFL could pay forward Tom Lynch for ambassadorial role, should he re-sign at Gold Coast beyond 2018
Riley Beveridge, FOX SPORTS
September 4, 2017 9:22pm
THE AFL would have no issue in paying Tom Lynch to remain at Gold Coast as an ambassador on top of his salary, providing he extends his contract beyond 2018.

Lynch, 24, enjoyed his first season as co-captain of the Suns this year and is one of the competition’s best young key forwards having kicked 234 goals from his first 121 games.

However, out of contract at the end of next season, speculation has already started that a host of Victorian sides are circling the 199cm Lynch and could prize him from Metricon Stadium.

With the Suns searching for their third permanent coach on the back of Rodney Eade’s sacking and with star veteran Gary Ablett unsettled, the immediate future of the club is uncertain.

However, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has suggested Lynch could be paid for an ambassadorial role with Gold Coast should he first be convinced by the Suns to commit his future to the club.

“We would never pay a guy in advance,” McLachlan told Fox Footy’s On The Couch.

“If he re-signed with the Suns and he’s the right guy to be an ambassador on the Gold Coast and Queensland, we’d do that. And he’s the type of guy who would. But we would never do a deal in advance.”

Keeping players in Queensland has long been a problem for both Brisbane and Gold Coast, with star midfielders Jaeger O’Meara and Dion Prestia walking out on the Suns last year.

However, McLachlan said he has no reason to yet be worried about the future of Lynch.

“Are we worried? He’s shown great loyalty and he’s a great player,” McLachlan said.

“If (Suns CEO) Mark Evans makes the right decisions and gets that footy department right, I’ve got no worries because there’s great talent there and he’ll see a future.”


It’s an even playing field that all clubs can compete in.


They do need help up there, it’s pretty tragic.

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Don’t see why this is an issue. It would be perfect and makes sense.

Especially in a market where they are struggling they need him.


You don’t see the AFL supplementing an individual player’s salary as problematic?



AFL does what they want.

In this instance frankly clubs like GC need assistance retaining/luring marquee players. If Ablett actually is allowed to go and Lynch requests a trade as well they may as well close the joint down.

And if it keeps him out of Pies / Tigers reach then good.




every time that dead ■■■■ speaks, a part of this league dies. he’s got the brains and personality of a wet brick.


AFL Logic 101

Of course we won’t pay him until after he has re-signed a contract - but we are happy to talk about it now so he knows it’s on the table.


Did the AFL help us when every team was poaching our players for less than market value?


So we can count on them when we are re-negotiating MCGs contract?

Perhaps rather than sink more money into that ■■■■ stain of a club, they should realize that it was a mistake and shut it’s doors, just like their basketball, soccer and rugby teams did!


Hmmmm, i wonder where this is going over the next few years.

Expansion team fails dismally. AFL steps in to assist initially with piecemeal solution, only to not get results. AFL moves from piecemeal solution, to awarding dismal expansion side a 10% salary cap advantage over the rest of the competition. Expansion side goes from dismal to premiership superpower in 3-4 years. AFL eventually figure out they’ve been too generous after the horse has bolted and after much teeth-gnashing from every other club, and remove 10% salary cap advantage.

History doesn’t repeat, but it sure does rhyme.


afl too stubborn to admit they ■■■■■■ this club up from day one.


It’s not fair on T Lynch. You only get 1x AFL career and to try to coerce him into staying for the purpose of supporting it’s failed venture in SE QLD is not right. Lynch and the rest of those players are entitled to seek job satisfaction within their field of expertise. Even Woolworths conceded defeat with Masters. What’s the tipping point for the AFL?


Time for Lynch to get a sick friend or relative.
Or maybe get a very sudden case of clinical depression.

Such a friggin’ farce this administration is.


Hope he leaves.


Where’s that death of journalism thread?


Of course it is problematic, but they have to otherwise GC will die and fade. They should be offering players more to play up there but in the form of sponsorships, footy clinics, etc.

While I’d like to see it die in it’s ■■■■ I want the GC to work so we have a team up there.