AFL Draft 2018 Thread


All 3 players that we selected seem like significant upside players - potential to either boom or bust. Given our draft hand, I think that is a sound strategy. I reckon we will get one gem, two would be a dream.


If that is right, and l defer to your knowledge then, come on down Mitch Grigg.


I will say this of Noah, I have a spot on contact down Gippsland who told me in 5 years time Noah, and Zerk will be the best book ends in the comp


Can this be taken to the bank?


I work with one of the Eastern Ranges coaches who works under Darren Bewick and who happens to be a Bombers fan and reckons he’s rapt about picking up Ham. His quote was “Ham actually hurt us more than Sam Walsh did when we played the Falcons.”

I’m not sure what to make of that (there must be good reasons he went out so late in the draft) but it can’t be a bad thing.


how ■■■■ are media conferences where you can’t hear the question?




Recycling centre so far


who we getting mr gadget type operator?


If we take Neagle, with Clarke to come, we still have one spot free, don’t we?


■■■■■■ if I know


Tuth Jok


thats Tuth Jok Jok to you mate


It says he’s from collingwood, so I assume it’s Tom Jok?


By the barrel load


This goes quick


Bugg to FC. What a perfect fit.



ok cal


Tobe Watson to fremantle.


Spewing we missed Tim Watsons other son, Tobe