AFL Draft 2018 Thread


Carlton continuing their theme of recruiting rejects from other clubs.


Extra time




it aint a dodoro rookie draft without one.




Matty Dea! @Darli


Good grief


DEA wohhoo


Do we use our next one or is that it?


Like many here, I’m sure, Tuth was next on my list.


I know he is a favourite of many on here but I just don’t see the point in picking up Dea. A 27 year old who plays in a position in which we have reasonable depth.


It’s the cheapest and most comprehensive insurance policy we can get for our defence. why not?




No neagle!




He’s a jobber for sure, but I don’t rate him any higher/lower than Ambrose. Certainly wouldn’t have either of them playing as the 1st/2nd tall in defence, but he gives coverage for the medium tall defender position.


We know if needed he can hold down a position at AFL level so for a rookie contract it’s a pretty good deal.



I thought this was a given. Didn’t we tell him we’d take him?


Passed on our last pick


Jok is a strapping sort.