AFL Live Pass Usage

Does anyone here know how to use the AFL Live Pass on multiple devices but of different systems i.e. one iOS and the other Android?

It seems to only allow for devices of one operating system that you’ve signed up on?

*edit: I’ve searched and googled with no answers



It’s a mess.

AFAIK it depends on how you’ve purchased the livepass. If done though an app, it’s locked to that app (or at least to apps on that os using that account.) Eg if you download the afl app on your iPhone and purchase the livepass through the app, it’ll be locked to that app (or at least to devices signed into the account used to download the app, eg an iPad and an iPhone using the same appleid.)

However if you bought the livepass off the afl website or get it as part of a Telstra thing, then you can use those credentials (eg your Telstra id) to sign in all over the place.

This is as much as I remember it, it’s been a couple of years since I checked.

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Yeah ok thought so, looks like I’m better off moving over to kayo

If you’re a Telstra customer you can just create an account and link it.
Then you can log in on any other device (android or apple) and get access.

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Does anyone know if this affects Essendon digital members? I haven’t renewed yet . Will I still be able to have one account on both an android and iPhone?

Only reason I put up with their overpriced and crappy service was access to AFL live.
I will take some small pleasure telling them the reason why I’m now moving to another provider.


Doesn’t Telstra own 50% of Kayo?

Kayo is owned by Foxtel which is of course Telstra owns 30%?

Am sure the smart IT guys will find a solution around this.

there are some apps that stream all content around the globe even cable feeds.

Was good while it lasted, thanks telstra.

will too look at getting another carrier

What a mediocre way to terminate a mediocre service.

just farking die, AFL/Murdoch/Telstra

Yep, looks like Telstra is on the way out as my provider too. Only reason I kept them was coverage outside of main cities and AFL streaming. No AFL streaming, one less reason to remain.

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I have digital international membership and just redeemed the email voucher for the live streaming. It’s for the WatchAFL app (using Foxtel’s broadcast), which I think is different from this AFL Live Pass.

Can you use it on more than 1 device?

I haven’t tried on different devices at the same time, but have used it on my Android phone, Android and iOS tablets and laptop. It works fine in all cases.

I can also Chromecast it to my TV.

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The AFL have ■■■■■■ over fans royally with this. Pretty much every major sport in the world as a League Pass of some description. I’ve got the NBA League Pass and it’s brilliant. The AFL shutting this down is a disgrace…

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I dare say it’s all got to do with the Covid mess, and finding a way to keep all that delicious Rights Moola.

Cutting thier own throat in a way to deliver Murfuch and Failstra more bucks back for their outlay and cover last years losses.

Its a good thing in the short term. It meant I just signed up to Kayo at $5 per month.