AFL scraps top-20 NGA picks, new mid-season draft plan

so we don’t get the daveys?

They will be father sons, so yes we still will. This is NGA


wait davey hit 100?


I’m sure all clubs will continue to invest in their NGAs because of altruism or something

We haven’t farked up EVERYTHING in the past couple decades. He played the last four games of 2013 to get to 100, exactly.



Ends any talk - if there was any, lol - of not taking Brand or Eyre in this offseason.

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Here’s an historical post from @Windy_Dill just before Froggy’s 100th…

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Played the last few virtually on one leg too.
50% game time in the second last against FarkCarlton for 4 possessions.
But that’s what I call long term planning.

Similar to getting Dean Rioli over the line.


The draft is such a mess now with pick bids, etc and this years will be heavily compromised. I agree with the changes because the point of the draft is to eventually equalise talent. If you have a pick in the top 5-10, you should have access to the best 5-10 players in that draft class. We currently have Picks 6 and 7 (8 soon to come vi the Saad trade), but in reality we probably will only get the 11th or 12th most talented player in the draft because of all the NGA bids. Clearly Father/Son is unaffected…

The 3 stage mid-season draft will only be effective in 2021, in a normal year teams would struggle to find player who are middraft worthy

Best part of the article is that the rookie lists look set to remain at 4 and cat B will be cut down to 2.

Dean just kept having girls, right? Pity.

No, he only looks pregnant.